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Black Zebra Olpe Marble Urn - Large

$ 39.00 USD

This Natural Marble Cremation Urn is crafted from genuine quarried marble. This marble cremation urn is uniquely designed to create the shape
and band details and polished to achieve a smooth, glossy finish. Families often choose this cremation urn for its strength, durability over time,
and its beautiful appearance. The lids are not threaded and sit flush with the top of the urn. They can be sealed with household epoxy or rubber cement. Each urn is unique in that each piece of natural
stone will vary slightly in coloring and amount of veining.


As with any urn, it is highly recommended to keep the cremains in a sealed plastic bag inside the urn.

This urn is the perfect size for adult weighing upto 220 pounds.

Large -  8" D x 8" W x 11-1/2" H with a volume of approximately 220 cubic inches

Keepsake - 5" H with a volume of approximately 5 cubic inches