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9 new product categories to remember your loved one forever

9 new product categories to remember your loved one forever

So many families nowadays decide on having a memoir belonging to their loved ones who have passed away. It feels good to have a part of your beloved that you can store beautifully with you, for the rest of your life, and remember all the good moments you have spent together.

But it is an overwhelming job to decide what kind of article you want to possess. It must be beautiful, easy to handle and at the same time must be petite, so that you have a smile when you look at them. is the perfect place for such articles. They have a great collection of memorial urns with a classic timeless look and a variety of other new product categories that you would love to own.

Here are 9 new product categories from which you can choose:


1. Biodegradable Urns:

These urns are for the nature lover inside you. Keeping your loved one in a biodegradable urn not only shows huge respect for Mother Nature but also lets your loved one's ashes quickly become one with nature. An increasing number of people are turning to buy these biodegradable ones because of their environment-friendly attributes.

2. Scattering Tube Cremation Urns: 

These are simple paper and cardboard made cylindrical tubes and hence are recyclable. It is covered by a removable lid and a perforated tab that allows safer and respectable disposition of the ashes.

3. Memorial Pendant:
These are shiny gold cremation jewelry, but can also be made out of sterling silver, brass, or steel with beautiful engravings on them. They can hold a little amount of ash, or a piece of hair, and can be always worn close to your heart. These pendants are a wonderful way of keeping your dear ones always closest to your heart, even if they happen to be no more.

4. Pet Cremation Boxes:
These are little containers in attractive shapes and sizes for storing the ashes of your little friend. They come with a tiny threaded plug at the bottom. These pet cremation boxes can also be engraved with the names or even paw imprints of your beloved pet.

5. Cremation Bracelet:
These are shiny pieces of jewelry, with a removable top screw, that can hold a little number of ashes. These memoirs are an excellent way to express your love for your beloved.


6. Sculpture Cremation Urns:
These urns are stunning pieces of art, besides being cremation urns for adults. These are ideal for storing in homes and columbarium.

7. Companion Urns:
These come in a set of two urns for ashes. These are perfect for storing the ashes of inseparable partners who are together, even after life separated them.

8. Tea Lights Urns:
These are elegant urns in beautiful shapes, and brilliant shiny coatings that come with unique candle holding space above the lid. These keep the warmth of your loved one’s soul alive.

9. Keepsake Urns:
These are little boxes in various shapes and striking colors, to be kept and shared among the family members. They can hold tiny, keepsake amounts of ashes.

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