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Celebrate a beautiful life with - Cultured Marble Urns

Celebrate a beautiful life with - Cultured Marble Urns

The circle of life is unique. A life takes birth on the planet, lives till a certain period of time, and leaves the material world when their time comes. And once a life says goodbye to the world forever, oceans of emotions embrace their loved ones. If you have lost a family member lately, your pain is understandable. However, you can always commemorate them by keeping their cremated remains safe in Urns For Ashes.


Long-lasting and elegant

If you wish to store the ashes of a deceased family member in your home, you may count on Cultured Marble Urns. Although these elegantly crafted boxes are different from solid marble, they offer many benefits. Besides being beautiful, luxurious, and affordable, these cremation boxes also provide functionality. So, let's find out some crucial facts about cultured marbles.

Cultured marble - what does it mean?

Cultured marble, as the same suggests, is not natural marble. It is an engineered material made using real marble and resin in a cast or mold. The artisans also add different colors while molding to render attractiveness to the finished product. Moreover, the final product after casting is sturdy, long-lasting, and way more pocket-friendly than natural marble. So, the containers for cremated ashes made from cultured marble are versatile, colorful, and can be made into different shapes and sizes. At a well-stocked online shop like Memorials4u, you are likely to find a huge assortment of cremation products.

Cultured marble cremation urns - what are their plus points?

  • A cultured marble Cremation Box is lighter to your pocket. Conducting a memorial service and taking care of all the minute details can be taxing, both financially and emotionally. Cultured marble funeral urns take the burden off your shoulders a bit. Although these look similar to natural marble, the former is way more budget-friendly and offers the same benefits as the latter.
  • Not only natural marble but cremation vaults made up of cultured marble are even less expensive than other urn materials, such as ceramic and glass. Plus, glass, ceramic, and similar materials are prone to breakage and wear out with time. However, cultured marble cremation containers can last for generations. No wonder people who look for keepsakes urns prefer cultured marble products quite often. Reputed and leading cremation supply brands like Memorials4u showcase a wide range of products. So, you can buy one according to your needs.
  • If you wish to customize keepsakes for ashes you intend to buy, you may also do that. High-quality cultured marble also allows laser engravings. Plus, you may also color-customize the products for that extra contrast.
  • Premium quality cultured marble cremation urns available at good shops like Memorials4u are designed to make sure that no seam is seeable from outside. The top side of the urn is made up of a single cast to ensure that the cremation container is properly sealed.
  • Beauty and attractiveness are some crucial factors to count on when choosing a memorial urn. Cremation containers made from cultured marble live up to this parameter well. These are beautiful, available in vivid colors and seamless designs.

Choose practically and memorialize your loved one

If you are looking for a funeral urn for a loved one, cultured marble Urns For Ashes make an ideal choice. Visit Memorials4u and choose from handpicked products made with love, care, and compassion at affordable price tags.