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Choosing Cremation Boxes for Someone You Love

Choosing Cremation Boxes for Someone You Love

The loss of a loved one is the most painful event in one’s life. If you have recently lost a loved one and are looking for ways to keep the last remains of the person with you forever, you are at the right place!

How can you keep the cremains with you?

If your relative chose cremation as his/her last rites, you can keep the cremains with you forever. Wondering how? You can store the ashes in the beautiful cremation boxes that are widely available on the market today. These boxes are made from different types of materials including wood, ceramic and stone. You have many options – keep those as decorative pieces in your home or in a columbarium. Burial urns for human ashes could also be turned into jewelry like a pendant or earrings. There are so many ways you can keep the cremains of your loved one.

Is it good to choose cremation boxes?

Choosing to preserve the cremains of a dead relative in funeral urns for human ashes is a way to remember the person long after he/she is gone. Moreover, it is also a way to show respect to the person. Keeping the urn on a shelf in the living room or in the bedroom is a way to keep his/her memories alive. Moreover, you could share his/her memories with the guests and relatives who visit your home.

Angel cremation urns look great and enhance the look of the interiors of the home manifold. You can place these urns on the mantle and keep photographs and other articles that remind you of the person. It is a nice way of showing respect to the person and keeping his/her memories alive.

Another good way to keep the person closer to you is by making cremation jewelry from the funeral urns for human ashes. You can make rings, necklaces or earrings from the cremation urns. These are generally kept as keepsakes, and are often worn on special occasions. You can share the cremains of a person among all the family members to make jewelry. Large urns are kept as decorative items or keepsakes.

Burying or scattering the cremains

If the last wish of your loved one was to get the ashes scattered in a special area or into the sea, you should choose special scattering urns. You can even choose to bury the cremains in biodegradable burial urns for human ashes. Before traveling with the urns or before burying the cremains you must learn the laws of the state regarding it. Generally, burying the cremains is a lot hassle-free and economical than burying the whole body in a traditional funeral ceremony. Owing to this, there are many people who are choosing cremation as their final rites. If you have planned to scatter the cremains make sure to choose special scattering urns as the designer vessels like the angel cremation urns are not suitable for the purpose of scattering.

Choosing the right size

As you are making a difficult decision to choose cremation urns for your loved ones, you must consider the size properly. This will depend on the purpose of choosing the urns. If you are planning to bury the entire cremains, you should choose large, biodegradable urns. The capacity of an urn is measured as per the body weight of the person. If you are planning to create jewelry of the boxes, you can choose smaller urns and put small portions of the cremains into each.

There’s an online store named Memorials4U where you should be able to check hundreds of different options on cremation urns. Visit the store and choose the most suitable ones. Share this post so that you can help others in making the difficult decision to choose an urn for their loved ones.