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Design Your Own Custom Urn with Paw Print Theme

When you have a pet in your family, it is no more an animal like a cat or a dog. It becomes your family. However, the cycle of life is not biased. It is equal for all creatures. Like us, animals also have to leave this earthly world one day. And when that day comes, it makes your heart skip a beat. It is something that you would never want to even imagine in your wildest dreams. But, you cannot defy destiny. No one can.

Losing a pet is beyond heartbreaking.

Have you lost your best companion to old age recently? Has your dog passed away after a long illness? We understand how you feel, and we pray for the departed soul. Although that four-legged friend could not speak a word, their unconditional love spoke a million thousand words for you. They knew how to make you feel loved every time. Therefore, reputed shops like Memorials4u present a curated range of cremation boxes for pets.

Honoring a deceased pet

Do you want to honor your master-loving pet in a dignified manner? Do you want to cremate your dog or car? Well! You can always do that. However, have you decided on a memorial urn or a pet urn for him yet? There are varieties of cremation urns available in the market.

Call these pieces a work of art or a medium to feel close to the purest soul on the Earth, i.e., your furry friend, small urns for ashes is a meaningful approach to say the final goodbye to your pet.

Relatable products with the correct expressions

When it comes to purchasing a cremation urn for a pet, paw print urns are pretty much relatable and bear the correct expressions. And if you opt for designing your own custom urn, you can also go for that with a customer-oriented dealer like Memorials4u. Custom dog urns present a tasteful approach to memorializing a departed pet. One important note to add here - you can also buy a paw print cremation urn for a deceased dear one who loved dogs.

What do you want to do with the cremated remains of your pet?

Just like humans, you can do anything with the cremated remains - bury them, keep them in your home, scatter them, and create cremation jewelry with them, among other common things.

If you wish to scatter the cremated remains of your pet in your backyard, his favorite spot at a park, in a sea, or hiking track, you can do that. However, it is highly advisable to check with the concerning authorities and get the right documents. It will save you the hassle in the long run and buy pet urns for cat or your dog accordingly.

If you intend to bury the ashes of your dog or cat in your backyard or a pet crematory, you can do that as well. You may also purchase a biodegradable urn if you choose burial and plant a seed along with the ashes. As the seed will grow into a sapling and gradually to a tree, it will remind you of the liveliness and love your dog had.

Or else, you can keep the ashes near your study table or your living room mantel. If you are missing your pet a lot, you can also wear a piece of jewelry, like a pendant or a fingering containing the ashes of your beloved pet.

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At Memorials4u, we know that a death in a family can set everything upside down. We are here for you with our exceptional collection of large to small urns for ashes that will help you honor your loved ones in the best possible way.