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Flower Urns - Express Your Feelings with the Beautiful & Unique Flower Urns

Flower Urns - Express Your Feelings with the Beautiful & Unique Flower Urns

If your loved one was a fan of activities like gardening, then you can choose to honor their memory by burying their remains in a flower urn. These cremation urns for humans have a floral design that helps commemorate your loved one’s wholesome personality. Flowers can bring to the mind a lot of things- a love of the outdoors, the spring season, rebirth, or simply beauty. If you can associate any of these characteristics with your loved one, then you should opt to store their ashes in a floral urn. You will find a large variety of these cremation urns on Memorials4U.

Choose from a large variety of flower urns

Flower urns are undoubtedly the best way to cherish the memories of your loved one. These are not only innovative but are designed to offer that charm of endearment which helps you to relate to the dearly loved one.

While choosing a design for the urn, think about the personality of your loved one. Were they calm, graceful and elegant, or strong, powerful and energetic?
Depending upon the type of personality, you can choose both the design of the flower urn and also the colors on it. For example, pink and light red urns reflect a calm personality, whereas darker shades like green and brown are meant for those who had more assertive personalities. The choice of design should also conform to the personality type of the loved one. Flow, cursive designs are meant for softer, calmer human beings. The older people can be represented by linear geometric designs that look just as beautiful.

Whatever choice you make, it is important to remember that the urn should be big enough to store the ashes- otherwise; it will not be able to serve its basic purpose. So keeping in mind the factors of size, design, and color, you can make your ultimate choice for a floral urn. To get more and more varieties of these urns, pay a visit to Memorials4U.

Cremation jewelry – keep your loved ones close all the time

Another effective way to preserve your loved ones remains in style is to turn them into jewelry. To make these pieces of jewelry, a small portion of the ashes are taken and stored in a vial inside the neckpiece. You can choose to make a neckpiece that you can wear every day, like a Sterling Silver Urn Necklace. Not only does it look amazing as a design, but also enables you to keep your loved one close to you at all times. If you do not believe in burial urns for ashes and keeping your loved one locked up inside a box, this unique option would be good for you.

Find a large variety of beautifully made urns with Memorials4U

Selecting an urn for a loved one can be a difficult and grievous process, and this is where Memorials4U steps in. You can look up myriad burial and cremation urns on the website without leaving the comfort of your own home. These urns for sale have been crafted with love and care, keeping your emotions and feelings in mind. Choose to buy an urn from memorials4U, and allow us to help you honor the memories of your cherished loved one.