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How to choose the right cremation urn, keepsake or jewelry

How to choose the right cremation urn, keepsake or jewelry

Nowadays, some families prefer cremation over burials when their loved one passes away. This is because the cremated remains of the special person can be stored in urns, and kept close to the world of the living. The process of selecting the urn can be overwhelming if you are not aware of what kind of angel urns for human ashes you should be looking for.

What are the different types of urns?

There are many different types of funeral urns for human ashes. Because of this, it would be beneficial if you did your research before the purchase to find out exactly what kind of cremation urns for human ashes you want. Here are a few types of urns that may interest you:

Biodegradable Urns

These biodegradable urns will appeal to those who lived their life as lovers of nature. These urns naturally decompose after a few days of the burial, which is why they are most commonly used for sea burials.

Keepsake Urns

The keepsake memorial urns are meant for families who would like to divide the ashes amongst themselves. These small urns hold a small amount of remains, so they can be shared by all family members.

Military urns

Military urns are meant to honor the martyr you love. These also include navy cremation urns. The military urns are a great way to honor the memory of your beloved officer and the service they did for the country.

Companion urns

Companion urns are usually large urns for ashes. They can hold the cremated remains of two people- spouses, siblings or the like. This is a beautiful way of expressing your eternal bond with some who is no longer around.

Custom urns

These urns can be customized in the ways you want them. You can design wooden urn boxes for ashes as per your style. Also, if there is a special message you have for your loved one who is now no more, you can convey it to them through the engraved urns. You can also store the remains of a sports lover in beautiful sports urns.

Burial Urns

Cremation urns for burial come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials. When they are placed in the ground, the burial urns are protected by the urn vaults for burial urns. The different materials in which these urns that are available include solid brass cremation urns.

Pet burial urns

Over the years, a pet becomes a family member, so it is painful to see them pass away. However, this pain can be allayed by providing them with a proper cremation. You can store the cremated remains of your beloved dog in the dog memorial urns available readily.

Memorial jewelry urns are a source of comfort

Memorial jewelry is like keepsakes for ashes. They allow the families to keep a little bit of the ashes to hold and keep close to the heart. The design can be inconspicuous for regular wear, such as a small heart urn pendant. If you have lost your father recently, you can keep his memories on your person with the help of the various types of dad cremation jewelry.

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