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Infant Urns – Remembering the Angels Forever!

Infant Urns – Remembering the Angels Forever!

Losing your child must be the most devastating of the situations you ever faced in your entire life. But one can do little but accept this shattering experience and carry on. However, it remains an emotional trauma for the parents to part with the cremains of their son or daughter. Infant urns from an online store like Memorials4U can help such parents cope with their grief better and to accept the loss. Now, they can keep the last remains of their child forever closer.

Popular sizes for cremation urns for children

Urns for children’s ashes are almost similar in concept to the cremation urns for adults, but smaller. These urns are used to contain the cremains of the babies and children and often the size depends on the physical size of the child whose ash is being preserved. As a general rule, while choosing memorial urns for a child, one pound of body weight of a child will require 1 cubic inch of place inside the urn. Thus, a child of 25 pounds will require cremation urns for human ashes having 25 cubic inches of space inside. While purchasing an urn for ashes, you must consider its inner volume and not the outer dimensions.  However, this general rule of choosing an urn suits a child below 14 years of age. For older children you can use keepsake cremation urns for adults.

Choose an urn for burial of the cremains

If you want to stick to the tradition of burying the last remains of your child, you need to look for a wooden box for ashes. However, at a store like Memorials4U, you do not merely get plain boxes, but intricately carved ones. These urns for ashes for adults and children are biodegradable and easily get back to nature upon burial. If you plan to scatter the cremains of a loved one in a water body like a lake or into the sea, choose a biodegradable urn for water burial. Such an urn is made to dispose of in water easily and is also not harmful for the environment.

Urn jewelry is also popular

Many parents and relatives choose to wear gold cremation jewelry. There are different forms of urn ornaments available today. You can pick a personalized urn necklace or a ring. The concept is to be able to keep the departed loved ones closer forever. Men can choose special dad cremation jewelry that is crafted keeping in mind the emotional bonding of dads with their children. Besides, there are themed urns like a navy urn. Such an urn is chosen as per the profession and hobby of the departed person. At a reputed urn store you can get various themed urns for infants as well. An urn necklace for dad from such a store can be chosen in different themes like angel urns or engraved ones.

Often, small pet urns for ashes are converted into cremation jewelry. Dog cremation urns are quite popular these days and the dog owners are choosing to keep their pet friends closer to them always by choosing to wear pet ashes jewelry containing a small portion of the cremains of the animal.

Whatever the cremation vaults or urns you require, you can buy at reasonable prices from Memorials4U. Let others pick urns for their relatives as well by sharing this post to let them know about the store.