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Memorial Urns With Purpose

Memorial Urns With Purpose

Every family wants to pay a special and unique tribute to their loved one. Finding the perfect cremation urns for ashes becomes a crucial part of the cremation process as it brings a certain sigh of relief to the family members. Knowing that the departed soul is going to rest in peace in the right place forever brings a great sense of satisfaction to everyone concerned. The rising cremation rates compelled the cremation industry to design unique urns belonging to different themes.

Let’s check some of the best memorial urns with purpose so that you can choose the most appropriate cremation vessel.

Companion Urns

Classic Pewter Companion Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

The companion or double urns are designed in a way that it contains two cremation containers. It is specially designed for couples. If you want to honor the devotion and love of a couple, then keeping their ashes in companion urns will serve the purpose. The burial urns for two are made using a vast range of materials including wood, brass, biodegradable materials, and others. You can get these urns customized for taking it to a more personal and emotional level.

Veteran Urns

American Pride Military Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

The veteran or military urns are made to honor the memories of people that devoted their lives to the nation’s safety and security. If your loved one worked with the armed services, then you should preserve his remains safely in the best veteran urns. These urns have a unique design that honors the patriotism of the departed soul.

Marble and Cultured Urns


Cafe Cultured Marble Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

The marble and cultured urns are elegantly designed cremation containers that are affordable, long-lasting, and extremely beautiful. It possesses a sheer shine that makes it different from the other urns. Families willing to store the remains safely in their house should consider marble urns over the others. They can be customized too, depending on your requirements. You can find many different urns made of marble at Memorials4u.

Wood and Brass Urns

Solid Rosewood Cremation Urn - Border Hand Carved Design with Brass Praying Hand

Both wood and brass urns are durable and visually appealing. They both have beautiful aesthetics and are perfect for placing anywhere inside the house. You can get a special message etched on these urns too. If looks, durability, and safety are the main concerns, then you should choose either wood or the brass urn.

Sports or Hobby Urns

Baseball Cremation Urn - Minnesota Twins Ball Decor with Custom Metal Plaque

Everyone has a hobby or loves a particular sport. Storing the remains of the person in a sports urn for ashes that portrays his love or passion towards it is the best way to honor his memories. If the departed soul loved fishing or playing football, then get an urn that has the best matching design.

Apart from the urns mentioned above, you can also check cremation pendants. They are ideal if you wish to preserve a little portion of their remains with you. It looks like any other standard jewelry, so you can easily wear it on both personal and professional events. Memorials4u is a renowned online store that has been selling quality cremation urns for ashes for years. Do check its collection, if you’re looking the best urns.