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Rose Cremation Urns: Pretty in Different Colors

Rose Cremation Urns: Pretty in Different Colors

Most of the people are well-acquainted with the different symbols engraved in the urns or ashes, and their hidden meaning. Rose is one of those different symbols that the artisans use to signify life balance. It also symbolizes hope, promise, and a new beginning. If you’ve already seen the beautiful and artistically designed red cremation urns available at Memorials4u, then you will understand what it is to have an urn with a meaning. Rose urns are perfect for paying a meaningful and memorable tribute to your loved one for apparent reasons.

Imperial Rose Mother of Pearl Cremation Urn

Whether you’re looking for a rose-themed wood urn for ashes or anything similar, you’ll get it all at Memorials4u. Over the years, people have shown much appreciation and love towards the rose funeral urns for ashes because of its minimalistic design and powerful looks. If you want to get the best resting place for your loved one, then you should consider the highest selling rose urns shared below.

Imperial Rose Cremation Urn

Antique Rose Mother of Pearl Cremation Urn

It is a beautiful hand-painted urn that is made using the vibrant plum color, rose engraving, and a super glossy lacquer coat/ The design and powerful appearance makes it look like a flower vase; so it is ideal if you were planning to preserve the remains in your house. The main striking feature of this urn is the use of bright color against a super deep tinted background. You can use it as a burial or memorial urn. It’s available in the large size only and is 100% furniture-friendly too. The secure lid opening will ensure that the remains are safely secured.

Rose of Memory Urn for Ashes

Sea Rose Cremation Urn

Instead of giving roses in the funeral ceremony, why not store the ashes in sturdy rose-themed urns? It will be a unique way to pay tribute to the departed soul. The rose of memory urn is a precious product that has the best aesthetics. The urn has a royal blue backdrop and the etched rose at the middle is the main highlight. It can hold up to 200 cubic inches of ashes, so it is perfect if you want to preserve all the remains of an adult. To make it look more beautiful and personal, you can get personalized urns for ashes having the same design and looks.

Antique Rose Urn

Pearl Rose Brass Cremation Urn - Purple

If your loved one was an ardent fan of everything royal and ancient, then this urn can be the best place to store his remains.  This urn has a distinct backdrop of midnight blue color, and it is best complimented with the etched mother of pearl rose. You can consider this urn if you want a beautiful, sturdy, and personalized urn for safely storing the ashes of the departed soul. The secure opening lid of this adult urn can hold up to 200 cubic inches of ashes.

Apart from the top-selling rose urns shared above, there are other options as well. Memorials4u is a well-known online seller of urns for ashes that has been providing quality cremation vessels at reasonable prices. You can check out other rose urns from this store. It also has some unique rose cremation jewelry for ashes, so you will never run out of options. Get a beautiful rose urn today, and make the commemoration special.