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Selecting the Ideal Urn Size for Your Pet

Selecting the Ideal Urn Size for Your Pet

Pets are the most adorable companions that walk with you throughout their life. They are an important part of your family that provides selfless love. Since losing a loved one is a highly unbearable loss, losing a pet is also hard to accept. The family members celebrate the life of a person when he/she dies. They preserve the cremains in the cremation containers or arrange a memorial service. Likewise, you can find urns for your beloved pet.

Buddy Pet Cremation Urn For Ashes in Rainbow - Small Size

Good quality small urns for ashes help you show your love for your pet. Preserving your pet’s ashes in a good-looking urn can help you overcome the sorrow of losing it. Moreover, the urns help you pay a tribute to the joy and happiness your pet offered you. Memorials4u provides you an extensive range of pet cremation urns. The guide below will help you select the perfect urn size for your pets.

1. Follow the one-pound-per-cubic-inch rule

When it comes to selecting the size you will require for the pet memorial urns for ashes, we recommend you to follow the same rule of thumb that is used in the memorial industry for humans. You require 1 cubic inch of urn space for every pound that your animal weighs. With this said, we also suggest you adding 10 cubic inches to the converted size, to make sure that the urn can accommodate the pet ashes. For instance, if your pet weighs 20 pounds, we would suggest an urn that can hold at least 30 cubic inches. This rule of thumb is made for assuring that, in numerous cases, an urn that your purchase will be larger than your requirement for accommodating all of your pet’s cremains. In short, it causes the right estimate.

Paw Print Pet Cremation Urn For Ashes in Small Size

2. Go for purchasing a larger memorial urn

You must not be worried especially regarding buying a larger burial urn. It’s quite usual for pet owners to purchase cremation urns for ashes that are 40, 60 inches or even more for pets that weighed even below 10 pounds. In case the urn that you choose, yield to be very small, you should buy a second, smaller cremation urn or even pet cremation jewelry that can hold the remaining ashes. A few families distribute the remaining ashes in a suitable place shared with their pets, such as a beach or a park, for leaving a small portion of them for enjoying their preferred place forever.

3. Check the urn seller’s return policy before placing an order

Although the one-pound-per-cubic-inch rule is very dependable, occasions will come when it’s not very precise. To safeguard yourself in this situation, you should make sure to check your urn seller’s return policy before making a purchase. A reputable memorial urn seller like Memorials4u will be happy to accept a return and provide you a refund of your money if you find the biodegradable urn very small after receiving. The basic condition for this return is that the ashes may not have been placed into the cremains holder.

White Paw Stainless Steel Cremation Keepsake Bracelet

Bottom Lines

Finally, it can be said that you should purchase the cremation containers or a cremation bracelet for ashes that will simply maintain the beautification and meet your requirements for memorializing your adorable pet. The urn size will, more often than not, be not a factor at all.