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Transferring Cremains to Cremation Urns for Humans – A Comprehensive Guide

Transferring Cremains to Cremation Urns for Humans – A Comprehensive Guide

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult situations that people need to soak in and start life anew. However, the new road of life brings along a lot of unexpected challenges, which you may have to deal alone. To being with, handling of his/her ashes following cremation is something you need to manage. You need to fill that wood urn you bought for collecting the ashes. And, it might not be an easy task. So, here’s a guide to do it perfectly:

What are the options at hand?

When it comes to preserving the ashes in cremation urns for humans, there are a few options in your hand:

  •    Transfer the ashes of your deceased relative in a wood urn or any other biodegradable urns. Now you can bury the ashes or scatter the ashes as per your plan.

Ask the cremation service provider to pour the cremains

You can buy cremation urns for humans and have those filled with the ashes of your loved ones by the cremation service provider. However, if the service provider in your area does not provide such a service, you may have to do it yourself. The cremains of your loved ones will be handed over to you by the cremation service provider in a thick polyethylene bag or inside a cardboard or plastic box. The box will have proper identification mark and a certificate of cremation will be handed over to you. Now, you have to transfer the ashes to the lockets for ashes that you’ve bought.

List of things that you’d require for the transferring process

  •    Cremation urns or cremation necklaces for filling the ashes
  •    A flat board of plastic or wood
  •    Newspaper or towel
  •    Funnel of appropriate size
  •    Scissors
  •    Gloves for handling cremains

Steps to transfer

  •    First, you need to spread the towel or the newspaper on a flat surface. Make sure there is no wind or breeze.
  •    Place the packet handed over to you containing the cremains on the newspaper or towel.
  •    Open the packet or remove the lid.
  •    Place the open part of the funnel in the mouth of the packet or urn.
  •    Transfer cautiously.
  •    Once the desired amount of ashes gets poured, place the lid tightly or seal the urn with a suitable sealant.

Turn the ashes into an artwork

Commission an artist to create a memorial artwork of your loved ones. The ashes can be poured into a beautiful ceramic sculpture or a structure of fused glass. You can ask the artist to create customized, designer artwork that is unique and original. Before planning for creating an artwork, you must check whether the artist is an expert in handling cremains. Compare the price of such work as there are quite a few artists doing this today and you might avail discounts. So, shop around before finalizing.

Amount of cremains to pour

The amount of ashes you’d pour into the cremation urns depends on the way you’d use those. For example, to make lockets for ashes you need to pour a small quantity of cremains into the urns. However, if you are planning to preserve all the cremains in keepsake urns, you should choose a larger one.