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Why Is Preserving Cremains In The Cremation Urns Better Than Disposing Of The Ashes?

Why Is Preserving Cremains In The Cremation Urns Better Than Disposing Of The Ashes?

If you are given a choice, won’t you love the idea of being able to carry your dead loved ones with you wherever you go? Cremation urns actually let you do that! There are many people who cremate their dead family members in a particular place. And, when they shift to a different location, visits become problematic. You would really want your dead parents or your dead husband/wife or any other relative by your side always, even when you are traveling. One of the best ways you can do is using urns for preserving the cremation ashes. You can then carry the urn wherever you go.

If your beloved son or sister loved sports, he/she definitely deserves elegant sports urns. Similarly, military men’s cremains could be preserved in military urns. Keeping the last remains of your loved ones with you has many benefits over cremating them. Here is a list of pointers to justify that:

  •  If you’ve unfortunately lost your loved one just a few days before your shift to a new home in a new location, it would be hard for you. You would not want to shift without him/her. But you have no option. In such a situation it is always better to keep the ashes in a cremation urn and take it along with you to your new home. You will not miss his/her presence so much. Having cremains with you will give you the much-needed emotional support to carry on with the shifting and to stay in your new home. It will make you feel the person is always with you.

  • Necklace for ashes can also worn to remember dead relatives as well as to carry their blessings with you. These necklaces are of different designs and patterns. Thus, they look stylish. Moreover, it is believed that the remains of loved ones when worn as necklaces could safeguard the wearer from bad omens. You will also be bestowed with the blessings of your loved ones. It will also give you strength and confidence to carry on with your duties and responsibilities.

  • Urns for keeping cremains are not just added decorations for your home; they are there for showcasing exceptional capabilities and talents of the dead person. Cremains of army persons could be kept in the military urns. Similarly, sportspersons who won many prizes and showed special abilities in sports will get sports urns. Showcasing these urns in the home will make the family proud of their deceased relatives. They can talk about them and their talents to the guest. And, when parties are organized, these urns will be the best representatives of the deceased relatives in the party. So, you won’t feel their absence so much!

  • The hardest part of a funeral ceremony is disposing of the cremains of the loved ones. Now, with the use of cremation urns for preserving the cremains people can avoid this custom. They can even carry the urns with them wherever they go. If you follow certain norms made by the Transportation Security Administration, you can even take these urns with you while flying from one place to another.

So, you can see that it is a lot better to preserve the remains of a dead person and keep it close to you as a necklace for ashes than to dispose the ashes to the sea or bury the cremains in the soil. You must tell about this to your relatives as well as friends. Share this post and speak about it to your near and dear ones. Tell them how they can preserve the ashes of their loved ones. You can comment about their responses below.