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Companion urns for ashes are a nice way to make two people together whose lives were strongly connected that they could not even be separated after their departure. You can purchase a companion urn that is ideal for kids, life partners or spouses, parents, grandparents, or siblings who want to continue their journey together even after their lives end. At Memorials4u, we offer these urns to help you celebrate the everlasting love and honor the special couples also.

Companion Urns: A Combination of Evergreen Love and Beauty

At Memorials4u, we provide a nice collection of funeral urns for ashes for two loved ones. Here, you will find handcrafted, artistic, ceramic urns designed by trained artisans, and also more conventional urns in biodegradable materials like wood. Moreover, you will find companion urns in creative shapes and sizes.

Companion Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

These unique cremation urns for adults offer a sense of comfort for couples whose ashes will be stored in the urn, and for the loved ones of the departed who will take compassion in knowing that the loving couple will remain together forever.

With double compartments, a companion urn permits you to share the similar resting place of two loved ones by holding their cremains and let the departed souls continue their journey together. The best part of these urns is that they have two standard sized compartments where you can store cremains of two people side by side, without mixing their ashes together.

Celebrate a Beautiful Love with Cremation Jewelry

Whenever you visit our site, remember to browse our gallery where you can find the perfect cremation jewelry for celebrating the life of yours and your partner. Also, you can honor your parents by empowering their love for enduring effortlessly.

Locket For Ashes

Both adult urns and cremation jewelry are perfect for honoring two adults. Usually, these urns can contain a couple’s cremains with a combined weight of around 350 pounds. Apart from an exclusive collection of beautiful, artistic, and creative design options in cremation urns, we also provide sterling silver cremation jewelry.

We have a fine collection of cremation pendants that portray the everlasting love shared between two people while honoring their life and common interests that brought them close together. In case you want to arrange a family memorial, these beautiful urns and jewelry pieces are available in several materials. At Memorials4u, you will get cremation containers in larger sizes that accommodate a larger volume of ashes. You may contact us in case you need help with exploring these options.

Let Memorials4u Help You Honor A Special Couple!

Browse our collection of cat and dog urns if you are looking for memorializing the life of your beloved pet alongside your beloved humans. All of our urns can be easily customized with engraving or making designs on the vessels.

We make sure to offer something unique every time you stay in touch with us. We also allow you to inscribe a personal message on the urn. You may collaborate with one of our artists to get your customized companion urns for ashes done. If any custom urn in our gallery interests you, you may purchase it at never-seen prices.

Do you have queries regarding how to honor a family member or a loving couple or a beloved pet appropriately with the right urn? Then, feel free to reach us!