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There are many ways to pay last respect to the loved one. Keeping or wearing cremation urns is one of them. The whole world has been in search of cremation urns to pay tribute to the loved one.

Everyone has got rights to have dignified last journey. We human being are attached to each other and out of our attachment it becomes extremely mournful when our loved one leaves us forever. The people around the world has been following various rituals for the departed soul to rest in peace. Cremation urn is one of the them which has been prevailing around the globe since time immemorial.

The history of the cremation urns

There is no history written anywhere as to the invention of the cremation urns for human ashes. However, as per Wikipedia it was first used for the purpose of paying respect to the departed person in Europe. Especially the credit of the invention of the sacred vessel was first used in Athens in Greece. Gradually, it started spreading all over the world.

The sacred vessel became available in the market around the world and the cremation urns was used by the people who belong to Christian religion.

Cremation urn in nutshell

Since you know cremation urns is a memorial that is usually kept in a cosy corner of the home. As a rule, the shape of this memorial looks like a vessel that is made of metal or wood. There are various metals being used for the purpose of crafting and designing the urns. The affluent people can get their cremation urns developed with gold, while others are having option of developing this sacred vessel in silver, copper, brass and bronze etc. The people also have been using wooden urns for their loved one.

In course of time the people have started distributing memorials among the members of the family. These kinds of sacred memorials are called keepsake urns.

The keepsake urns are specially developed for the purpose of the family members. It is smaller in size which enables people to carry anywhere. Apart from this, the keepsake urns for the human ashes is affordable.

There are various metals being used for the purpose of keepsake urns such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and brass. Today, the cremation artist is quite capable of crafting innovative memorials to pay tribute to the loved one. The cremation jewelry has got a huge market in the world. The people have been using memorials in different form such as cremation necklaces for ashes, bracelet and pendant etc.

Where to buy affordable cremation urns for your loved one

Few years ago, the people used to move to the funeral homes for buying memorials for their loved one. However, buying memorials and funereal products from an offline shop has been obsolete. There are many online market place where one can buy sacred memorials and cremation jewelry at an affordable price. The internet is a boon where plethora of options available to buy the products.

However, sometime we are eager to get personalized urns for our loved one. In such a situation, you can get it customized by the help of urn designer. You can easily develop memorials for the person who was in defence or in sports. You can even get your pet urns designed by the memorial designer.