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Face Shield-6 Pack, Full Face with Clear Film Elastic Band and Comfort Sponge Protective Face Shield, Reusable Transparent Safety Breathable Visor Anti Saliva Disposable Full Face Shield

$ 24.00 USD


$ 24.00 USD

6 Pack

6PCS Full Face Protective Shield | Reusable Transparent Safety Breathable Visor Anti Saliva Disposable Full Face Shield | Anti-Dust, Anti-Spitting, Anti-Fog Protect Eyes and Face with Protective Clear Film Elastic Band


Made of transparent recyclable and waterproof pet (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which effectively isolate saliva and protect your whole face from spray, splatter, droplet, dust, oil and smoke and so on. Full-length size provides more complete coverage than typical face shields. Wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side and front face, eyes and nose protection. Face shield visor can be easily cleaned with water or disinfectant.


Plastic face cover shield has a foam strip, and the elastic band can be easily adjusted to suit your head and face well, and it can be firmly fixed and comfortable to wear.


Extremely lightweight and can be used in various situations, such as laboratory work, woodworking, mowing, gardening, drilling, sanding, welding, outdoor sports, etc.


Treated with anti-fog and anti-static coating to improve maximum visibility, durable and practical. Plastic face shield is perfect for you and your family and friends. Share protection with them, believe that everything will be better!

Product description:

Safety Face Shield is made of transparent recyclable and waterproof pet, consists of a protective cover, foam strip, elastic band and fixing device, provides excellent protection.


  • Size: 32 x 22cm
  • Material: PET + Sponge
  • Usage Range: Suitable for use in working environments that require face protection.


  • Double-sided anti fog, ensure clear vision always, no need to worry about the sight.

  • Sponge in front of head to reduce friction and make sure comfortable during wearing time.
  • 180 Degree isolation, effectively prevent spitting/saliva/dust and any other unidentified material from outside.
  • Lightweight and portable, will not feel unwell after long time wearing.

Technical Details: