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13 Important Things you should consider as pros and cons of Cremation vs Burial

Posted on September 22 2018

It is inherently difficult to deal with the loss of a loved family member. A common dilemma that family members have to face is the choice between cremation and burial. In this regard, if the wish of the one who has passed is known, then there is no room for doubt. Otherwise, this becomes a difficult decision for the surviving members to make.

Burial is not the only option for internment anymore. Cremations are increasing in popularity, for a variety of reasons.

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of cremation:


  1. Cremations are less expensive than burials. Burials require a plot of land, a coffin and a lot of other necessities, but cremations do not.
  2. After the cremation is complete, you can store the mementos of your loved one in urns for ashes. Depending upon their size, urns can be quite portable. Small urns can be carried around from place to place even when you are traveling. Burials do not offer the portability factor.
  3. Ashes are easier to handle than physical remains. You can store the ashes in cremation urns and take your time with the funeral. You will also easily find urns for sale on websites like Memorials4U.
  4. With cremations, you will not have to restrict yourself to a certain place to put your loved one to rest. You can distribute the ashes anywhere your loved one asked you to so that they can be one with nature in their afterlife.
  5. A traditional burial does not offer the flexibility of location, but a cremation does.


  1. You will not find the provision of cremation everywhere. Cremations need proper equipment and storage. Although Memorials4U offers the provision of keepsake urns, the community may not have a funeral home for the cremation to take place.
  2. Some families may not agree with the concept of cremation at all.

Now, let us take a look at some pros and cons of burials:


  1. Burials are more widely accepted in the Christian community. So, it would leave you at a lesser risk of offending anyone with your actions.
  2. Burials use headstones and tombstones, which sometimes carry a special message for the surviving members of the family. These headstones are considered extremely important for the mourners.
  3. You will be able to visit your loved one when you want to.
  4. Having a place to go and visit those who have passed may seem like a comforting idea to some. You can leave flowers and gifts at their graves, and remember the times you spent together.


  1. Burials are expensive affairs. You will need to consider the costs of the plot of land, the gravedigger, the coffin among other things.
  2. Sometimes cemeteries have very restrictive rules regarding visiting hours, type of headstone, placement of the plot and other things.

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