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Urn sizes & Volumes

urn size guide

Cremation Jewelry: Holds minimal amount of ashes. Used as pieces of remembrance for your loved one.

Adult Urn: Most common size. Generally holds ashes of anyone 200-220 lbs. (approx. 200 cu. in.)

Tealight Urn: Keepsake piece including a candle. Holds small amount, about 20 lbs of ashes (approx. 20 cu. in.)

Extra Large Urn: Meant for anyone weighing around 300-320 lbs. (approx. 300 cu. in.)

Medium Urn: Meant for dividing ashes or all of a child’s ashes weighing 30-70 lbs. (Varying sizes 30 cu. in. – 70

Keepsake Urn: Meant for sharing and storing a small amount of ash. (approx. 4 cu. in.)

Heart Keepsake: Meant for sharing and storing a small amount of ash (approx. 5 cu. in.)

What style of urn should I buy?

If you plan to keep the urn at home, then you have the freedom to choose whichever urn you would like. If it will be stored in a niche or columbarium, make sure to measure the space available so you can find an urn that will fit inside. If you are planning to bury the urn, you may need to purchase a burial container or vault. We always recommend checking with the cemetery to make sure they do not have any other stipulations that you may not be aware of. If you are planning to scatter the ashes instead of storing them, scattering tubes are a respectful way to fulfill your wishes.