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5 Best Storage Options for Cremated Ashes

When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, you have to make quick decisions. Nothing can be so depressing and tormenting than that.

Where should the funeral be performed?

What type of ceremony should you conduct?

Which should you choose between cremation and burial?

All such questions stress the heck out of you. It is quite understandable. However, if you have decided to cremate a deceased family member or friend, the first thing that may come to your mind is -

What to do with the ashes or where and how to store them? Right?

Well, finding a suitable place for the final disposition of the ashes could be a tough feat. Fortunately, you have some decent options of Urns For Ashes to choose from with experienced and reputed cremation product manufacturers and suppliers like Memorials4u.

The best thing, once you store the ashes inside a cremation urn, you can do plenty of things with it. A large number of people prefer keeping the ashes in their homes so that they can always feel close to the late loved one. Apart from that, you have many other options to commemorate the memories you made together.

Top five ways to store the cremated remains

Here are some of the ways you can store the ashed of a deceased loved one:

Firstly, if the deceased individual always wanted to be buried, you can fulfill their wish by burying. You can do that not by burying the body but the urn holding their ashes with the same level of commitment and devotion. For this ritual, you should buy a sturdy urn, for example, metal urns for humans.

Secondly, you can scatter the ashes near a water body or in the air. It is also one of the most popular ways of final disposition. If you have lost your child, you may choose infant urns for ashes.

Thirdly, you can buy a biodegradable urn, put a sapling and plant it in your garden. The plant will grow, reminding you of the departed soul. At a reliable shop like Memorials4U, the options are endless.

Fourthly, you can place the cremation urn in a columbarium forever. A columbarium is a freestanding structure, or you can say it is a room. It is generally located in churches or cemeteries or the places where you will find niches of keeping the cremation urns. Therefore, it offers a suitable remembrance place that you can visit and memorialize a loved one. It also helps a lot in the grieving and recovering process. If you want to add a personal touch to the niche, you can always do that. You can place pictures, various articles belonging to the late, flowers, and other things you want. Some people buy urns that reflect the favorite color of their loved one, like purple urns for ashes.

Lastly, you can buy jewelry made from ashes. The best online shops also make customized cremation jewelry. So, you can do it in two ways - either you may get a cremation pendant or ring and fill it with the ashes of your loved one, or you can incorporate ashes into making a piece, like a pendant, locket pendant, necklace, ring, etc. Wearing cremation jewelry will always make you feel close to the person you have loved the most.

To sum up

So, these are five of the best ways of storing cremated remains. At Memorials4u, you will get Urns for Ashes to suit your requirements.