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5 options for Burying Ashes of your loved ones

5 options for Burying Ashes of your loved ones

A lot of families are going for the option of cremation nowadays, instead of good old burial. But after the passing away of your loved one, it feels soothing to have something to remember them by.

Several thoughts go into choosing the perfect cremation urn for ashes. Or it might even be custom cremation jewelry. It’s not an easy job. Many people also prefer to have custom cremation jewelry that they can wear, or also choose to bury. is one such go-to place for all such requirements.

Here are 5 options for the burial of the ashes of your loved one:

1. Cemetery Burial: This is the most sought-after choice for a burial because cemeteries are holy grounds and well maintained. Once you enter the area you feel at peace with the world. Most people like the idea of burying in a cemetery, also because cemeteries hold special memorial events. However a lot of things need to be kept in mind: Buy burial urns for human ashes to store the remains. You could also buy an urn vault, to keep the urn safe. You will need to pay for the land or plot (in case there is an urn garden)  where you bury.

2. Burying in a special land: There might be a place which your loved one visited a lot or a place with which your family associates great value; in any case, you might want to bury your loved one somewhere which is not traditional. It might be a shrine, a place of adventure (maybe a cave, a mountain), or even the park your dog loved to visit. You can also have pet cremation jewelry made for your pet’s remains. However, a few things to be kept in mind: Find out if the authority or owner approve of this. Do not proceed without proper permissions. Any ashes illegally buried, or without the owner’s consent are bound to get removed unceremoniously, if found. So, do not attempt this, and end up disrespecting your beloved.

3. Burying in a park or a forest: This is also termed as scattering. You simply extract the contents and let the wind blow it away, or simply mix it in small amounts, with the soil. However, do not publicise your activity widely. You might be asked to bury in a small portion of the land, and not given access to the entire area. Be very careful about not disturbing the natural life out there. You should use a biodegradable urn.

4. Burying at sea: Burying at sea is a more eco-friendly option, where you allow your loved one's remains to become one with nature. It's a very good option to bury your grandfather at sea, who loved to go fishing there.

5. Burying in your  backyard: This is the easiest and most understandable option if you do not want to part with your loved one.  You can visit them all the time while storing urns for human ashes on shelves might be uncomfortable for some, this is completely okay.

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