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7 Reasons on How Colour and Emotions Reflect Your Loved Ones Personality or Style

7 Reasons on How Colour and Emotions Reflect Your Loved Ones Personality or Style

While choosing burial or funeral urns, you can make a number of stylistic choices. While some prefer basic metal and wood urns, others want to add some color to the urn.

There is no compulsion for you to choose a colored urn, like one of those purple urns for ashes for your loved one. But these seven reasons may be able to convince you to look for urns that have a dash of color in them:

  1. Firstly and most importantly, the colors reflect your loved one's personality and style. This is a prerequisite to finding an urn- it should comply with how your loved one acted or behaved in their lifetime. If he was an energetic person, then maybe a red urn would be the perfect choice for her. If she was quiet and beautiful as the autumn, a green or greyish brown would suit her personality completely. Choosing a shade that has some color would bring you some comfort in your moments of grieving as well. You will find urns in various shades at Memorials4U.
  2. Numerous interpretations of colors exist in the world, but in most cases, they are safe to evoke emotion and moods in people. The vibrancy of a color affects the mood in an instant. While lighter colors tend to express a sense of warmth and tranquillity, brighter shades add a touch of energy to the mix. Shades of blue, green and violet are soothing and comforting. Choosing one of these shades for the urn would definitely suggest the way in which you want to remember your loved one.
  3. Colored urns for adults can also bring to mind images of places. They can transport you to the favorite place of your loved one, or maybe to a place which holds a lot of meaning and memory for both of you. A blue urn may bring to mind the times when you went to the sea together. A green or brown urn can remind you of your favorite sports activity, or any outdoor activity that you liked doing together.
  4. You can choose the color of the urn to match the place where it will be placed. If the urn is of a bright shade, it may bring about brightness to the room as well. Again, this will be a reflection of your loved one's personality.
  5. Not just cremation urns, but you can opt for cremation jewelry in different colors too. Choosing cremation jewelry would enable you to keep your loved one near you at all times. Find the best cremation jewelry only on Memorials4U.
  6. Unique cremation jewelry will also help the fun little quirks of your loved one. You can wear the stone or color they liked as a necklace to always feel their presence and influence around yourself.
  7. Although selecting an urn can be a trying experience, the urn can embody the one that has passed so that when placed in the household, their presence is hardly missed. A colored urn will not just house the ashes of your loved one but will embody and represent a part of him or her that you wish to remember forever.

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