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7 Unique Ways to Store the Memories of a Loved One

7 Unique Ways to Store the Memories of a Loved One

Paying a memorable and respectable tribute to the departed soul is on every family’s list. The way one preserves the memory of a loved one plays a crucial role in providing emotional support to the family members. Buying the best urn for human ashes is not enough, as it is merely a standard practice that every family follows.

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How to preserve the memory of a loved one?

To make the commemoration special and create special ways to cherish their memories, the remains of the loved one should be preserved in unique and unforgettable ways. A list of 7 unique ways has been prepared to help the grieving family members.

1. Picture a specific memory

It is a no-brainer that people have countless memories with their loved one, and each one is special in its way. However, there has to be one specific memory that is close to your heart. You can get that particular picture engraved on customizable urns for ashes.

2. Have a recording of their voice

You must have a little recording of their voice. The same can be used in custom toys where the voice of your loved one comes out upon pushing a button. This is just one of the different ways in which the recorded sound can be used. You can come up with different creative ideas too.

3. Create a memory book

Reading books have many benefits, but going through a memory book can take you to another world. Preserving the remains in a classic cremation urn is fine, but one should come up with more ways to cherish the memories of the departed soul. Make a scrapbook where all the pictures of you two are pasted in a specific manner with a special message beside each picture.

4. Storytelling

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The importance of storytelling is immense, as effective storytelling has the power to transit a person to another world. You can arrange a get-together on weekends, where all the family members and friends meet and share special stories related to the loved one. You can keep the unique cremation urn at the center table when you all gather to share and enjoy the joyous memories together.

5. Start a new tradition

Starting a tradition that keeps the memories of the loved one alive for ages is a fabulous way to preserve the memories of the departed soul. The tradition can be based on your loved one’s liking. For example, if the departed soul loved children, then you can start a tradition to visit and spend time once a month in an orphanage with children.

6. Put together a memory quilt

Nothing can bring more comfort than a memory quilt. You can stitch together all the special moments and keep it forever. The elements of the quilt can be anything that fits the theme and makes you nostalgic every time you see it.

7. Plant a memorial tree

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If the loved one was a nature lover, then this has to be the best way to preserve his memories. You can preserve the remains in biodegradable urn tree that will later grow strong and tall as a plant. This way, you are ensuring that the soul returns to Mother Nature in the purest form possible.

Apart from these unique ways, you can add some more special and memorable ways too. You can do something special with the burial urns for ashes too. The best yet affordable urns for human ashes are available at Memorials4u, so you can get the urn from there. If you don’t find any other way, then the ones mentioned above can be utilized.