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7 Ways You Can Express The Spirit And Personality Of Your Departed Loved Ones

7 Ways You Can Express The Spirit And Personality Of Your Departed Loved Ones

The pain of permanent separation can best be diminished by remembrance. Memoirs that can beautifully express the spirits of those who are no longer here with us are the best tokens of remembrance. With such memoirs, we can feel their silent presence with us, without causing any inconvenience to the others around.

The Cremation Urns are one of the best and most practical ways to achieve this. These urns are specialized containers which hold the ashes of the cremated person. They can be in the form of a vessel or a small box or just a capsule that is well designed.

Urns to express the personality of your beloved ones who are no more

1. Fishing urns for the expert angler

This depends on what the loved one left behind and sometimes it is the likes and aesthetics of those in whose remembrance the urn is purchased. To take an example, a Fishing urn can be the perfect memory for a great fishing expert well known throughout the downtown community.

2. Keepsake urns for the lover of small things

Mini Urns, also known as Keepsake Cremation Urns, and the design is such that it can hold a small number of ashes. At the most, it is assumed that such an urn can hold about three tablespoons of ashes. Suppose the person had a penchant for small teacups instead of mugs then such small urns are the loving memory.

3. Picture urns to remember their lost loved possession

Irrespective of religion or customs, funeral these days is becoming an increasingly accepted form of ritualism for those who have sadly called it as a final day of their existence. The funeral urns are an important sequel to the cremation. A picture urn portraying the childhood house to which the person was very much attached is a good way of expressing the personality.

4. Wooden urns for the soldier

Having wooden urns with a special embossed photo of a retired marine officer with his division colleagues would forever immortalize the spirit of the soldier in him.  To quote General MacArthur – “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away”.


5. Urns with themes

There is nothing like a theme urn which expresses the passion of the person in whose memory it is created. The example would be of a social activist who has dedicated their life to marginalized sections. It will be an inspiration to a lot of people.

6. Religious urns for the devout

The religious urns in the shape of a Bible or other religious book would be the ideal way to pay tribute to a pastor or someone was involved in a lot of religious activities, ritualistically inclined and god fearing throughout their lives.

7. Jewelry urns for the beauty-lover

There is hardly anyone who will not have a penchant for jewelry, diamonds and another body adorns. Every form of Jewelry urns for human ashes is perennial remembrance. If the person had a like towards a particular form of locket, chain, earring or bangle then the Urn can be made out exactly in that shape and size.

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