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9 Reasons for Choosing Burial and Funeral Urns

9 Reasons for Choosing Burial and Funeral Urns

Until very recently, people chose caskets over urns for the burial of their loved ones. They continue to remain one of the most traditional ways of bidding a final goodbye to those that have passed, by means of an open or closed casket service.

However, nowadays most people are opting for cremations rather than burials. The cremated remains are then placed inside an urn. Then urn can then be buried or kept in the household.

Types of urns

Burial urns are usually wooden urns which are placed inside an underground vault after the cremation process has been completed. It is also possible to put these burial urns under the ground and keep them protected with the help of cremation vaults. Companion urns are usually large urns for ashes. They can hold the cremated remains of two people- spouses, siblings or the like. This is a beautiful way of expressing your eternal bond with some who is no longer around.

So why should one choose burial and funeral urns? These 9 reasons will help justify the choice:

Reasons why you should choose a burial or funeral urn 

  1. Cremations are a lot more cost-effective than burials. For cremations, you only require an urn to store the remains, one that you can easily find on online stores like Memorials4U. Unlike a burial, you will not have to procure a casket, grave plot or headstone.
  2. It is much easier to handle an angel urn than a full-sized casket.
  3. Urns feel more personal. You can even put a little bit of the cremated remains in any jewelry for ashes and wear it on you at all times.
  4. When the body has been cremated and the ashes have been placed in the urn, it gives more time to plan the service.
  5. You can keep the urn containing your loved one's ashes in your home or in a cemetery space specifically made for this purpose. You can also arrange for the urn to be buried near other loved ones of the family who have passed.
  6. The urns can be customized as per your wishes. You can even choose the material of the permanent urn. For example, marble urns last long, are safe and look classy. They can be deemed as perfect for housing the remains of your loved ones forever. You can find a variety of types on Memorials4U.
  7. If you are concerned about the environment, then you should choose urns over caskets. Traditional burials take up a lot of space on the earth, and the chemicals used during embalming the body often seep into the earth.
  8. Urns are much more mobile than caskets, so you carry them around with you. This way, your loved one will never be separated from you.
  9. Cremated remains can be scattered over places that were dear to the loved one. A sea burial can be arranged for as well, where the urn is placed in the sea. 


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