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9 Unique Ways to Memorialize Loved One

9 Unique Ways to Memorialize Loved One

There are several ways of honoring the memory of a dear one who has departed. Memorializing somebody you cared for also keeps the memory of that person alive and showcases others how much that person meant to you. While your dear one’s memory will always be with you, what are some unique ways of honoring this remembrance? Memorials4u, an online selling platform of cremation urns, has compiled 9 unique ways of memorializing somebody you love who has departed. Feel free to utilize any of the ideas mentioned below, as well as personalize these concepts for expressing your dear one’s uniqueness.

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1. Creative photo with message displays

You can honor the memory of a departed soul through innovative displays of condolence messages and personal photos. These exclusive displays can be created easily and you can show your family that you want to go the additional mile to help them honor their dear one.

2. Plant a memorial tree

Planting a tree is a famous way of celebrating a birth. So, you can utilize a similar concept for celebrating the departure of a loved one. Each year when the tree blossoms, you can get some of the tree branches into your house, symbolizing that life’s celebration. You can plant a memorial tree and leave a message for leaving a long-lasting memory.

Necklace To Hold Ashes

3. Buy cremation jewelry

Many family members look for a unique way of keeping their departed loved one with them wherever they go. For them, cremation jewelry is the ideal solution. They can buy an urn necklace to hold ashes and wear it as a jewelry piece. This is how they can always keep the departed soul close to their heart.

4. Purchase customized keepsake memorial urns

Unique customized keepsake urns for human ashes are ideal to store the cremated remains of a departed soul and honor his/her memory for a lifetime. At Memorials4u, you will find a wide range of urns at affordable prices.

5. Customize the funeral service

You can customize the funeral service so it works as a direct reflection of the departed loved one, his/her life, and his/her existing legacy. Involve family and friends, organize personalized programs and prayer cards, play a favorite song of the departed person during the service, etc.

6. Choose biodegradable ashes container

wooden urn box

To maintain the eco-friendliness of nature alongside honoring a departed soul, you can opt for a wooden urn box which is a biodegradable product and definitely a unique way to memorialize your loved one who has departed.

7. Build something in the honor of the departed soul

In case you are not all that handy, choosing a project like this can be an amazing way of honoring somebody you lost. It could be something as simple as a garden or a birdhouse.

8. Make a memorial space in your house

A memorial space contributed to your dear one is a great way of memorializing. It can be as simple as images of him/her.

9. Make a permanent tattoo

Tattoos are creative and unique ways of memorializing a departed person you love. Get a tattoo of his/her name, favorite quotes, etc.

These are 9 exclusive ways to memorialize a departed person. Visit Memorials4u store if you want to buy cremation urns as an honor of the person you lost recently.