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A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Choose Urns for Ashes

A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Choose Urns for Ashes

The demise of a loved one is sad, but everyone has to cope with it and carry on with their normal course of life. However, shortly after the demise of a loved one, the family members have to face the decision whether to cremate the person or bury him/her. These days, due to various reasons, many people are choosing cremation over burial. And, there are those who are burying the cremains of their loved ones instead of full-body burials. But, why?

Burying the ashes of loved ones in urns for ashes is economical as compared to full-body burial. You do not have to buy the burial space, which is expensive these days with crematoriums running out of spaces. Cremation urns for burial generally take a significantly less space than a coffin or a casket used for full-body burial. Moreover, cremation and burying or preserving the cremains does not need an elaborate funeral ritual. Thus, a lot of money is saved here too. These are some of the reasons why many people are choosing burial over cremation.

How big are cremation urns?

There are different sizes of urns available for preserving the cremains of humans. However, definitely, those are not as big as the full-size caskets. You should choose a size according to the amount of cremains you have for preserving. If you want to preserve the entire cremains, you should choose larger vessel. Generally, the space inside an urn is calculated in cubic inches. Cremains equivalent to per pound body weight of a person requires a cubic inch of space inside an urn. Thus for preserving the cremains of a person of 250 pounds you’d require a cremation urn of 250 cubic inches. However, the height of a person should also be a secondary consideration. It is always advisable to choose urns a few cubic inches larger than exact.

What material to choose?

If you want the cremains inside the urns to be preserved, you should put the urns inside cremation urn vaults. These are made from durable materials like ABS plastic, metals, and stone. Thus, the urns containing the cremains will remain safe from environmental elements like moisture and micro-organisms.

If you are planning to keep the urns in the house over the mantle or on a shelf for everyone to see and remember the deceased relative, choose decorative ones. Keepsake urns for ashes made from various materials like wood, stone, and metals are generally carved and designed. Thus, these could be used as decorative pieces in the house which will act as memorabilia of the deceased persons.

For the vaults, there are special materials which are not easily degraded by the environmental elements. ABS plastic, cultured stones, and polystyrene are often use for making vaults. These robust vaults can withstand the pressure of soil above the urns and do not concave. Moreover, these vaults do not allow any kind of external matter like moisture to damage the contents of the urns. That is the reason it is always advisable to consider the materials as well as check whether the vaults seal well.

Choosing a store?

Are you looking for a suitable store for purchasing cremation urns and vaults? Choose an online store as it will save your time as well as money. A reputed online store like Memorials4U will offer the best quality urns and vaults at the most reasonable prices. As there are very few reputed stores online that offer urns for cremains at low prices like this store, let others know of it too. Share this post so that they know where they can purchase cremation urns too.