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A Guide to Solve Your Difficulty in Choosing Urns for Human Ashes

A Guide to Solve Your Difficulty in Choosing Urns for Human Ashes

Today there are many people who are choosing cremation as their end of life choices. So, if you ever face the decision to choose a wooden urn box for preserving the cremains, you should make an informed one. Actually, there are a plethora of choices in the market. These urns are available in a wide range of sizes and are made from different materials. It is often perplexing for a person to choose the right size and the most appropriate material for the urns.

Choosing the right materials

Depending on your choice and budget you will find that the urns for human ashes are made from various materials. While there are some hand-crafted ones on wood and metals like copper and brass, there are also urns made from plastics and stone. Simple boxes for ashes are often inexpensive as compared to the intricately carved ones and the large ones with lots of designs and cuts. In such a scenario, your purpose, as well as, budget should determine your choice.  Based on whether the urn will be displayed in your home or buried, choose the appropriate material.

Given below are a few commonest options:

  • Metal urnsHuman urns for cremains are also made from metals like copper, bronze, and brass. These are durable and can withstand environmental elements well enough for years. There are carvings on them and some also come with engraved stones and different customizations.
  • Wood urns – Wooden urns are often made from different varieties of wood like oak, walnut, maple, pine, and poplar. Sometimes, some rare varieties of wood like paduk, yellowheart, zebrawood, and mahogany are used for making engraved, biodegradable cremation urns preserving the cremains of the people.  Decorative wood urns are used for displaying in the home or keeping the urn in a cemetery columbarium. A plain, low-cost wooden urn box is often used for burial.
  • Ceramic and glass urnsHuman urns for ashes are also made from materials like ceramic and glass. These contain artistic designs and there are various choices available. These urns go through a series of processes like glazing, firing, coloring, and blowing. However, these urns are delicate and need to be kept in a place out of reach of small children or pets.

Ashes to jewelry

Urns for human ashes are often turned into keepsake jewelry. This is mainly done when there is a need for sharing a small amount of cremains with all the family members of the deceased. These are small urns that are made from precious metals like gold and silver. These could be turned into necklaces or rings and are worn by the family members on special occasions.

Growing a memorial tree: Biodegradable cremation urns are often used to grow a memorial tree. If you want a tree in the backyard grown from the cremains of your deceased relative, choose urns that contain seeds and are made from biodegradable materials. You can bury the urn in a place of your choice and in no time a tree will grow out of it. It is actually a nice way to remember the deceased person. This practice is growing in popularity and there are many individuals who are wishing their cremains to be used to grow their favorite tree in their memory.

These are the primary choices you have when it comes to choosing cremation urns. You can check all the options as per your budget from a store called Memorials4U. It is an online store for all kinds of urns for cremains. Share this post so that everyone looking for cremation urns at the right price could know where they can find the best ones.