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Adult Cremation Urns: Know What to Do With Cremains

Adult Cremation Urns: Know What to Do With Cremains

If you have decided to cremate your loved ones, you also need to decide what you want to do with their cremains. You may preserve the cremains in special urns for ashes for adults or can even scatter the cremains in the ocean. Some people even create keepsake jewelry with the urns for ashes. To be able to decide what you want to do with the cremains, you surely need to know the options you have. Here’s a short guide to help you:

Bury the cremains

You may choose to bury the ashes of a person. But, where? There are plenty of options you can choose from. You may choose to bury the cremains at a local cemetery, a Church’s ground, on your private property or even plant a memorial tree on the adult cremation urns. With so many options you can choose a suitable place to bury the last remains of your loved ones.

Store the cremains

You can fill the ashes in a wooden cremation urn with minimal designs and decorations and keep it in a columbarium. You could even choose to build a mausoleum or tomb on the urn and make it a place where every relative can visit or pay their respect to the deceased relative. Sometimes people do not want to part with the cremains of the deceased person. In such a case, you can choose beautiful urns for ashes made of materials like metals, alloy, ceramic, or even stone. Such an urn can be placed on the shelf of the living room or on the altar.

Scatter the cremains

You can choose to purchase special scattering urns for pouring out the ashes of a person into the sea or in a special area or plot of choice. If the person has wished his/her ashes to be scattered to the ocean or in any special place like a national park, hiking trail, or a public park, you can follow his/her wishes. For scattering the cremains in the sea or on the land, always use biodegradable urns. You can hire a boat to go a few miles into the ocean and scatter the cremains in complete privacy. If you are using eco-friendly urns for scattering, you may throw it in the ocean too. You may even bring back the urn and preserve it as a memorabilia.

Sharing the cremains among all

The relatives and friends of the deceased person might want to keep a portion of the ashes. For the purpose, the necklace urns are the most suitable. Each of the necklace or the pendant will hold a small portion of the ashes. How small? It would be decided as per the number of persons sharing the ashes. Sometimes people even want to perform separate funeral rites for the deceased relative. In such a case, they might take a portion and leave the rest with the other members of the family.

With so many options to choose, you will also find different types of urns for different purposes. Choosing the right material and size is important. Moreover, the decision for preserving or disposing of the cremains should be done well before the cremation is done.

Share this post with others so that they might also know the options they have. Only after looking into the entire options one can decide what should be done.