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Beauty from the Ashes: Different Color Cremation Urns

Beauty from the Ashes: Different Color Cremation Urns

Colors are such an important aspect in every industry that even the multinational companies end up spending millions on it. Selecting the right colors out of many for one’s product is crucial for the product’s success. The cremation urns for ashes are made using different colors as each color depicts a different emotion. Not every family has the same requirement; hence Memorials4u keeps a unique stock of all the different colored urns that may interest a family. From light colors to the bold ones- you can find urns of all colors. As colors are largely responsible for affecting the urns overall look as well, it is essential that you choose the best cremation vessel that is painted with the right color.

Blue urn for ashes

Sets of Keepsake Cremation Urns for Human Ashes

The color blue is the color of sea and sky. It is associated with stability and depth. You should choose blue urn for ashes as it symbolizes heaven, loyalty, faith, and trust. Apart from being associated with deep meanings, the use of blue color also makes the urn look more beautiful and elegant. Most of the blue urns available at Memorials4u have a lacquer coat that provides extra shine and also acts a protective shield against external elements. Depending on whether you want to store the entire or a portion of the remains, you can buy the most beautiful blue adult urns or keepsake urn.

Purple urn for ashes

Mulberry Alloy Cremation Urn - Purple and Silver color

The color purple is associated with nobility, royalty, wisdom, and pride. If you want to pay a special regal tribute to your loved one, then apart from arranging for custom funeral services, you should also purchase the best purple urn. The purple cremation urns are made using different materials and styles. If you want to safely store the entire remains in your house, then you should store the remains in purple urns made of marble.

White urn for ashes

Elegant White & Silver Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

White color means purity and cleanliness. Family members that want a simple yet beautiful urn often purchase white urn for ashes. As it is painted using a calm white color, many families said that it gives them peace whenever they watch and sit near to it. Simple urns can also look extraordinarily beautiful, and this is what white urns do too. You can get these urns customized according to your requirements to make the urn more personal and unique.

Red urn for ashes

Football Cremation Urn

Red is a bold color, and it is associated with strength, love, and determination. Being an emotionally intense color, the urns painted with red color often attract peoples’ attention quickly. If you want to buy sports urn for ashes or military urns for ashes and it doesn’t have any red color engraving, then you can get the name and a special message engraved on it using a red color.

These are just a few colored urns that you can get from Memorials4u, a reliable cremation urn seller. If you are open to newer options, then the sterling silver cremation jewelry deserves your attention.