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Before Buying Burial Urns for Human Ashes Know the Rules of Scattering

Before Buying Burial Urns for Human Ashes Know the Rules of Scattering

Has there been a death of an infant recently in your family? It must be a life-shattering experience for the parents and the close family members. You may be finding it difficult to part with the cremains of the infant. There are ways you can keep the ashes forever with you. One of those is preserving cremains in infant urns. Yes, there are different types of burial urns for human ashes available in the market and there are cremation boxes for infants and babies as well. If you are planning to scatter the cremains in a final resting place chosen by the family, there are specific urns for that too.

First, find a place for scattering

You must have already bought modern urns for ashes from a reputed online store like Memorials4U and are thinking of scattering the cremains. But are you legally allowed to do that in the area? You have to find a place where you’d be legally allowed to scatter cremains. There are several places where you can legally scatter cremains – national parks, private properties of relatives, and even in a park. But you need to get prior approval of the owner in case of private properties and ask the respective authorities before scattering cremains in a public location. To get permission to scatter cremains in a public property, there are formalities to be followed. You may have to fill up forms and make written applications. It is always advisable to bring a copy of written permission with you to the scattering ceremony to avoid any kind of confusion.

Second, scattering on water

For this purpose you can use a biodegradable urn for sea burial. But wait! Are you allowed to scatter the cremains in the area of the sea that you are planning to? There are certain limitations to scattering cremains on water. Generally, you are not allowed to scatter ashes on the public beaches, ponds, creeks, and rivers. Thus, you might have to fill the memorial urns with cremains and take those further to the middle of the ocean or to a specific corner where scattering of cremains is allowed.

You will also not be allowed to scatter cremains on waterway that lead to public water supply. In the US, the US Environmental Protection Agency will take care that you are following the rules under the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act. According to the Act all cremains should be scattered at least three nautical miles from the sea shores. You also need to notify EPA about the wish to scatter ashes in the ocean at least 30 days prior to the day of scattering. Another important thing that you need to remember is if you are using non-biodegradable cremation boxes for burial, you will have to obtain a special permit from MPRSA to do so.

In case you want to fulfil the last wish of the departed relative to scatter his/her cremains in an inland water body, you need to obtain a legal permit by the state agency that is in charge of the management of the specific water body.

Especially themed adult or baby cremation urns are often used for scattering

Many people choose to buy angel urns for preserving the cremains of their loved ones, especially babies. They often take such urns to scatter the cremains by air. Even though there are no strict laws regarding this in many states, the federal law prohibits the fall of any objects that can injure people or harm property. Thus, you should put the cremains in a separate packet before putting it in the vessel. While scattering, you need to take out the packet of ashes and pour out cautiously.

In case you do not want to part with the entire cremains of your loved ones, you can keep a preserve a part of the cremains as a heart urn necklace that you can wear on special occasions. At an online store like Memorials4U, you can get all kinds of keepsake urns for ashes as well as scattering urns. Let this piece of information known to others by sharing this post.