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Before You Purchase Urns For Human Ashes, Know ‘What Is Hydro Cremation?'

Before You Purchase Urns For Human Ashes, Know ‘What Is Hydro Cremation?'

You must be aware that many people are opting for cremation as an after-death ritual. This is a trend that has recently become quite popular. But do you have any idea regarding hydro cremation? This is completely different from traditional cremation and is also known as alkaline hydrolysis and water cremation. However, in both traditional and hydro cremation you will get the cremains for keeping in urns for human ashes that you are planning to purchase. But before you start planning for your loved ones’ funeral, you must know what hydro cremation is and whether you could choose that...

Hydro cremation as a process

Hydro cremation, as the name suggests, is cremation by water. It is an eco-friendly process that you can choose for yourself as your after-death ritual or for your loved ones. You will be able to create necklaces for ashes after cremation with the ashes you get through this process.  This process uses water, heat, pressure and p14 additives. The machine for hydro cremation dissolves the soft tissues. Thus, the bone fragments get processed into ashes that you can preserve in urns for human ashes.

This process is considered to be a green burial option for both humans and animals. It’s a newly discovered process and increasingly many people are opting for this technique.

Following is the step-by-step process -

  • The body is first placed in a specialized steel vessel.
  • The water to be used for cremation is around 80 gallons to which high amounts of potassium hydroxide is added.
  • After adding alkaline water, the vessel is heated up to 300 degrees.
  • It takes around 2-3 hours for the soft tissues to dissolve in the alkaline water.
  • The remaining bone fragments are then made into fine, white ash.
  • You can put the cremains into wooden urn for ashes to preserve for a long period of time.

Cremains from hydro cremation

In the case of traditional cremation, the ashes or cremains are coarse and greyish materials. However, the ashes from hydro cremation are fine, white powder-like substance. It is easy to create necklaces for ashes after cremation with this process.

While in the case of traditional cremation techniques, large urns for ashes are required to preserve the coarse remains, hydro cremation leaves a lot more options. You may purchase small, affordable urns for keeping these fine dust-like ashes. Moreover, if you are planning to distribute the ashes of a beloved family member among all the members of your family, you can opt for hydro cremation. This is essentially because water cremation produces a lot more ash as compared to the traditional process of cremation. Thus, you can purchase affordable urns for all and share the ashes evenly among all.

Benefits of water cremation over traditional

There are quite a few benefits of choosing water cremation over traditional techniques. Given below is a short list of that:

  •    Less energy consumption over traditional method
  •    No emission of harmful mercury during the process
  •    Less CO2 production
  •    No burning of caskets
  •    By products are used for enriching the soil
  •    The bone ash thus formed is sterile and neutralized. Thus, it is diseases and pathogen free.

So, what are you waiting for? You should start searching for a hydro cremation service provider near you. You can also choose hydro cremation as your last wish and choose wooden urn for ashes well before your last breath.