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Biodegradable urns and eco-friendly urns - Human remains to grow tree

Biodegradable urns and eco-friendly urns - Human remains to grow tree


Many people choose cremation over burial to respect their loved ones last wishes. In fact, this practice is rapidly becoming a more popular choice for many in recent times.

The absence of a person close to the heart can be life-changing and painful. To feel their presence with us after they are gone, we collect keepsakes. A cremation urn lets you have a keepsake to remember your dear ones in a very beautiful way. Some people keep the cremation urns having their loved one’s remains in their homes to hold on to the memories; some choose to scatter the ashes in a special place where their dear ones loved to visit.

A beautiful way to pay your respects to your loved ones will be to choose a biodegradable urn. Although it will not leave you with any keepsake, you will be able to witness the beginning of another life from your loved ones’ ashes. These urns are buried along with a seed inside. When degraded with time, the ashes will mix with the soil and a beautiful plant will grow from the seed, completing the cycle of life.

Give back to nature and make your loved ones' wishes come to life

If your loved ones loved to live among the greens and led an eco-friendly lifestyle, letting them rest among nature and its beauties will be the perfect way to honor their memories. Memorials4u can help you find a perfect urn for ashes to cherish and remember your loved one’s life. Although we cannot help you deal with your loss, we can certainly make the remembrance more beautiful.

If you wish to perform a water burial or a burial at the sea, the cremation urns made of biodegradable materials like wood can be absolutely safe for the environment.

Safe and eco-friendly way to honor the beautiful souls

Although you cannot bring back the beautiful souls you have lost, their memories will live and thrive among the nature with the blossoming of the tree and among its fresh green leaves. Choose beautiful adult urns and bury them in places where your loved ones wished to travel and witness the beginning of a precious new life.

The seed inside the human urns can be chosen by you. You can select the favorite tree of your dear one. The urn made of wood or other biodegradable product will be the safest and most beautiful way to respect their life choices. You will be able to visit the place and watch the sapling grow into the most magnificent tree.

Memorials4u – an affordable solution to respect your dear one’s memories

Memorials4u online shopping site will let you choose the perfect biodegradable urn to honor your loved one’s memories for eternity. You can easily choose one that you find the most appropriate, out of our beautiful and affordable range of biodegradable products. We offer you to choose the best way to remember your loved one with many innovative keepsake urns too. You can find creatively designed cremation urns of the most original styles from our shopping website. You can visit Memorials4u website and choose the perfect way to pay your last tribute to your dearly loved one. Keep them close to your heart today and for always.