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Brass Urns or the Wooden Ones – A Cremation Urn is an Eternal Way of Remembrance

Posted on November 15 2016

Brass Urns or the Wooden Ones – A Cremation Urn is an Eternal Way of Remembrance

A death in a family is something very painful. However, almost everyone has to go through this everlasting loss in his or her life, at least once. So, are you looking for a Cremation Urn for your lately departed loved one and wondering how to buy an urn for ashes? Don’t worry; you have come to the right place. Let’s explore your options!

Making the right choice

As far as selecting a cremation container is concerned, first of all, you need to decide on the purpose you are going to buy the urn for. Yes, the purpose, like – burying the ashes in a local cemetery or burial ground, scattering the ashes, keeping the same at a columbarium, distributing the ashes among the family members and close relatives, simply keeping them in your home or close to you in a cremation pendant. Once the purpose is clear, buying an urn becomes easy.

Finding a matching style

When it comes to selecting a Cremation Urn, for example – wooden, Brass Urns or any other variant, most of the people look for a style that reminds them of the person or pet they have lost. In fact, this trend is not just a trend, rather it’s a gut feeling that most people get when they find the right urn for ashes of their loved ones. Moreover, you can easily find an urn according to your personal preferences because there are a number of options available with reliable and compassionate manufacturers and online merchants.

Getting the size right

Whichever kind of urn you opt for, say – Brass Urns or ceramic urn, when it comes to size, there is a standard procedure or formula to calculate the same. It goes like this – for every lb of an individual’s total body weight, 1 cubic inch of area or space is needed. So, if an individual weighed 200 lbs, it is wise to buy an urn that measures 200 cubic inches or more.