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Bury the Wooden Urn for Ashes with a Memorial Tree for a Noble Purpose

Bury the Wooden Urn for Ashes with a Memorial Tree for a Noble Purpose

Have you recently lost a loved one? Scattering his/her ashes or burying it in the soil is the norm. Some people also create urn necklaces. But what if you could give his cremains a purpose and build a memorial around it? Yes, you can grow a tree on cremains. It is not much difficult than planting a tree in the backyard; only, it will be from a sapling or seed you bury with the urns for ashes of your loved ones. Especially, if a person who loves gardening dies, you can honor his soul by planting a tree in his/her name on the cremains. Similarly, for honoring the death of a sportsperson, you can use sports cremation urns for planting saplings.

As the tree grows in your garden or backyard, it will be like watching the person every day and never miss him/her. You will even feel great to take a chair by the tree in evenings and sit for a while. But how can you do that? What are the steps you should take before you can actually put a sapling in the wooden urn for ashes that you have used to preserve the cremains?

Choosing a tree and the site

Choosing the right tree to grow is a decision that you need to take. You must choose a tree that grows tall and shady. Moreover, if you want the person to be remembered for long, you can choose to put saplings that grow into trees, which live for hundreds of years. In fact, many people choose the favorite fruit tree of the deceased person for putting in the wooden urn for ashes. This is a culture that is fast becoming popular.

Next, it is the choice of a spot for planting the seeds. Look around the surroundings. Check the type of flora and fauna that grows in the region. This will help you to decide on the type of tree you will grow.

If you are planning to attract wildlife, check the types of animals and birds that are present in the area. Burying sports cremation urns with fruit saplings in them will attract lots of wildlife to the tree. You can even think of decorating the area around the tree with flowers and beautiful landscaping.

Think of adding a bench or a chair underneath where the relatives could sit and spend some time remembering the person. It would really a good gesture to honor the soul of the dead person.

Are urns for ashes good for the environment?

Human cremains is generally made up of calcium, potassium, sodium, and phosphates. These are actually good for the trees and all other forms of vegetation. Even though the cremains itself is biodegradable and easily absorbable, each plant might have unique needs. So, you must ask an experienced gardener or a local agricultural extension service for any kinds of nutrients and chemicals that you will have to add for proper growth of the sapling.

When using cremation urns for burying seeds or planting saplings, you must choose biodegradable urns, especially the wooden ones. It is definitely going to be a better idea than urn necklaces. Need more ideas for growing trees on cremation urns? Write your queries as comments below. You must share this post with a unique idea of disposal of human ashes with everyone. See who else agrees with this idea of yours.