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Buying Funeral Urns – A Short Guide

Buying Funeral Urns – A Short Guide

If you are on the hunt for the most suitable funeral urns for your loved ones, this guide will definitely guide you to find the best ones at the most reasonable prices. Moreover, the right urn should be used for the right purpose. For example, if you are planning to scatter the cremains into the sea or on a piece of land, you should purchase special scattering urns designed for the purpose. Furthermore, for such a purpose, it is important to choose biodegradable urns. But where would you find a good store for purchasing such urns? Read on...

Choosing a store

There are a few online stores that stock urns for ashes. You must choose a store with a large inventory or stock of funeral urns. This will ensure that you are making a choice from among hundreds of different types of collections. You do not have to choose between two or three urns. At such a store you will also find a burial vault. A vault is for putting the cremation urn inside during burial or preservation so that the urn and the cremains are not damaged by environmental elements. From a store that has a substantial stock it is easier to choose the perfect urn for your loved one.

Checking the designs

Biodegradable urns for water burial are made from wood, cardboard, and suchlike biodegradable materials. Most of the time these do not have much designs or carvings as these will be disposed of after the scattering or the burial. However, there are urns for ashes that can be kept as keepsakes in your home. Such urns are intricately designed and carved. Sometimes, people also choose handcrafted urns for keeping the cremains of the deceased relatives. You may choose stonework on the vessels or carvings.

Choosing customizations

Are you eager to engrave a quote on the burial vault or the urn you are choosing? It is possible to customize the urns as per your choice. Some people choose to engrave a portrait on the urn or choose especially themed urns for their loved ones. For example, sports urns are especially for those who had a special interest in a particular sport. You can also get the name of the person and his/her birth and date dates engraved on the urns.

Getting the right size

Ashes corresponding to per pound weight of a person, require a cubic inch space in the urn. That basically means if you are planning to preserve the entire cremains of a person of 200lbs, you would require an urn of 200 cubic inches space. Do not get deceived by the outer size of the urn you are choosing. Always consider the interior space of the urns you are choosing. However, you can choose smaller urns for cremains for making cremation jewelry. But you need to consider the amount of cremains you’d like to preserve and choose urns accordingly.

Now that you know what would be your major considerations while choosing urns, let others know too by sharing this post. If you are still looking for a store to purchase biodegradable urns for water burial, choose Memorials4U. It’s one of the most reputed stores on the Internet for urns for human cremains. You will be able to choose from hundreds of different urns and can also order customized urns.