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Buying Infant Urns for Ashes Is Painful, But Convenient

Buying Infant Urns for Ashes Is Painful, But Convenient

The loss of a baby or an infant is a truly devastating situation in one’s life and nothing can undo the pain one feels. It is often difficult for the parents and the family members to dispose of the cremains of a baby or an infant. In such a scenario, they can purchase burial urns and preserve the cremains for eternity. Yes, each member of the family can purchase small urns and distribute the cremains among themselves. Engraved urns with name, photograph or a line to remember the baby are quite popular these days. Stone urns with colorful patterns and designs are quite popular these days for storing the cremains of a child.

Buy infant urns for ashes online

If you are wondering where to find suitable burial urns for preserving the cremains of the child, check online. There are quite a few reputed online stores where you should be able to find the best one for your child. Generally, such a store has a substantial stock of different designs and patterns on the cremation urns to choose from. Moreover, there are urns made from different materials like stone urns with engravings or wooden urns with carvings. Paying for the urns you buy is also convenient online. There are different payment options available. With just a few clicks you could choose the ones you liked the most and pay for those too!

Themes or designs to choose

At an online store, there are different themes and shapes for infant urns for ashes. Some of the commonest themes available are angels, teddy bears, hearts, and blocks. Engraved urns consisting of details about the child is also available. You can also personalize the urn with an image or a painting to remember the child forever. Generally, blue colored urns are chosen for the boys and pink for the girls. These are of different sizes depending on whether you’d like to preserve just a portion of the cremains or all of it. However, cremation urns for children are definitely smaller than adult cremation urns. If you are purchasing urns online, you just have to pay for the ones you like and those will be delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, you could also opt for an easy return in case you do not like the urns you bought or change your mind for something else from the store.

Keepsake urns

While there are many parents who like to create cremation jewelry, there are others who like to preserve the cremains in keepsake urns. These urns are for preserving the cremains in something beautiful. These often do not have any particular purpose than to keep the memory of the baby boy or girl fresh in the minds of family members forever.  These are often stone urns with engravings and designs. Most people keep such urns on the mantle or on a shelf in the house. Thus, these urns keep reminding the family of their presence and unlike cremation urn jewelry, have no other use. People often choose to keep these keepsake cremation vessels in the bedroom or in a private space because it holds a special place in their heart.

Even if it’s a painful situation, you have to recover from it and choose a suitable urn for preserving the cremains. It is the only way you can keep the last remains of the infant/child with you forever. Share this post so that all the grieving parents and family members going through same situations might know. Check out the online store of Memorials4U where you can find a plethora of different options on infant urns.