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Buying Infant Urns: The Easy Guide for the Difficult Time

Buying Infant Urns: The Easy Guide for the Difficult Time

It is hard to cope-up with the death of a child. However, one has to accept the great loss, get over it, and arrange for the last rites. Most of the time, it is really hard for the parents to dispose of the last remains of the child. They want to keep the ashes of the child after cremation. Now, they should be able to preserve the cremains for eternity in infant urns. These are specially designed memorial urns that are smaller than adult urns. Moreover, these urns in the shape of a teddy, an angel, or personalized with the details of the child. Choosing urns for a child is difficult. However, if you know where to start and how to proceed, you will definitely find the best urn for the child.

Choose memorial urns for a child

The first thing you should consider is the size of the urn you should look for. To decide the appropriate size, you must choose whether you would like to preserve the entire cremains or just a portion of it. Depending on this decision you can search for suitable urns. A heart keepsake urn can be made from a small portion of the cremains. However, if you are eager to keep the cremains on the mantle or on the shelf, you should look for beautifully decorated and carved infant urns. Some parents like to keep the cremains of their children close to their heart by opting for pendants and necklaces. A heart keepsake urn could be turned into a necklace or a pendant that can be worn on special occasions by the parents and other family members.

How much is the price?

The price of cremation urns do not depend on the size. Rather, the urns vary in price as per the materials used and the extent of designs on those. An intricately carved urn would definitely cost much more than a plain wooden urn for infant ashes. Moreover, wooden urns are often inexpensive as compared to brass and copper urns with engravings. Thus, it is advisable that you consider checking the inventory of a reputed online store to have a better idea of the price of such urns. You can also choose small urns for making cremation jewelry. These are generally made from precious metals like gold and silver and are often much more expensive as compared to bigger size wood or stone urns.

Themed urns

If your child had always wanted to join the army and aspired to be in the military forces, you can choose especially themed military urns. These are urns that often come with camouflage designs and different engravings related to army and military forces. Moreover, the urn could also have logos engraved and even the flag of the nation could be found engraved on it. Infant military urns are almost similar to the adult urns with military themes. But the urns for the children are much smaller in size than adult urns. In addition to the military cremation urns, there are sports cremation vessels too, which you can purchase from an online store.

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