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Caring for your Cremation Jewelry – A Short Guide

Caring for your Cremation Jewelry – A Short Guide

If you have decided to create cremation jewelry with the cremains of your loved ones you must have made considerable thoughts. From considering the type of jewelry you’d like to create to choosing the best piece, everything is a heartfelt decision. It’s a way to hold on to your loved ones long after they are gone. It is definitely important to choose the best piece of jewelry to preserve the cremains of your loved ones, but it is much more crucial to preserve the ashes. Before you opt for adult cremation urns as jewelry you need to know that these urns require special handling and care. You should know how much ash should go into each piece you create. Moreover, you should not wash the pieces by submerging in water. Read on to learn the ways in which you can prevent any damages to the ashes.

Caring for cremation jewelry made from silver

If you keep silver urns for ashes too long in the closet and do not wear those regularly, the jewelry pieces will lose their shine. Oils in the human skin can help to keep the silver shining.

You must clean the tarnish of silver, avoid chlorinated water, rubber, harsh chemicals, and substances containing sulphur. Keeping silver jewelry in direct sunlight can also be damaging. Cosmetics can also cause damages to the shine of silver.

Use air-tight storages for keeping a silver urn necklace for ashes. Keep a pouch of silica gel or chalk to keep the storage dry and moisture free at all times.

Try different DIY methods at home for cleaning the silver jewelry like olive oil and lemon juice mixture. You can also use baking soda and water. But be careful to not let water inside, otherwise, it might damage the ashes.

Caring for Gold adult cremation urns as jewelry

Gold is a soft metal and is not so prone to tarnishing as silver. Do not immerse gold in any liquid, nor even in water for cleaning. Use of chlorine or harsh detergents can also tarnish the shine of gold ornaments.

You can regularly clean gold with a mild detergent and a clean, damp cloth. Don’t be harsh on such delicate pieces of jewelry as it can cause irreparable damages.

Caring for urn necklace for ashes in gemstone

You need to provide special care to jewelry embedded with precious gemstones. Gemstones should never be subjected to harsh chemicals and cleaning agents. The stones are susceptible to damages and should be handled with utmost care. Gentle cleaning the stones with damp clothes should keep the stones clean. You should take special care to check whether any cleaning mixture gets stuck underneath the stones. Rough handling will also loosen the grip of the stones.

Choose professional cleaning services

With the trend of jewelry for ashes catching up, there are professionals who take up the task of cleaning the urns for ashes. You must look for such a professional for cleaning the jewelry pieces regularly. Such a professional will know the right kind of care for the different types of cremation ornaments. Moreover, she/he will have the right kind of accessories and substances for cleaning every piece. If you take special care, you will be able to preserve and use the pieces for a long time.