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Choosing Cremation Jewelry Style Based On My Cremation Ash Coloring

Choosing Cremation Jewelry Style Based On My Cremation Ash Coloring

Urns for human ashes and cremation jewelry are the two most common options that can be considered for preserving the cremated remains. Many families consider urns to be the final resting place for the departed soul, so they leave no stone unturned to find a precious and beautiful urn or keepsake for ashes. The cremation jewelry can also be used to hold a tiny portion of the remains, as it is usually smaller in size when compared to the standard urn.

Brass Urn for Adult Ashes

If you are someone that wants to keep the remains close to your heart, then you should buy a piece of cremation jewelry whose style matches the color of the cremains. Such jewelry infuses a portion of the ashes while creating an intricate design piece for your loved one. If you have never heard of such jewelry designs before, then you can check out some similar cremation jewelry available at Memorials4u. In terms of functionality, they are same as any other necklace to hold ashes. There are a few important points that you should know before buying a cremation jewelry style that matches the cremation ash coloring.

Cremation Jewelry Pendant

Understand the Possible Variations 

When you purchase jewelry made from ashes, you should be aware of the possible variations that can be used to develop different designs and styles. Mostly white-colored marble, glass, and similar material are used to create such cremation jewelry. You may choose jewelry that shows the ashes as tiny bubbles on the jewelry surface or something else.

You May Not Get the Exact Ash Color       

Cremation Keepsake Bracelet

The human or pet urn necklace may not always get the exact same color of the ashes. When the ashes are infused with other materials, then the original ash color gets diluted to a certain extent. It has often been found that a new colored cremation jewelry design has been created when the minerals present in ashes combine with oxides and other materials. 

Possible Cremation Jewelry Style

Though the options for cremation jewelry style can be endless, we have selected a few designs or styles that will complement the cremation ash coloring. You can choose the jewelry created with white marble where the ashes have been infused in the center of the glass marble. It is covered with swirls of thin white stripes around the perimeter. Another style can be the one where flecks of colors are mixed with the ashes and presented throughout the jewelry surface. From simple to intricate- you can get lots of style options. The best way is to check the website and contact the customer support for detailed information.

sterling silver cremation jewelry

You should check out Memorials4u as they offer a wide range of unique urns and cremation jewelry. From sterling silver cremation jewelry to themed adult urns- everything is stocked in the store. They have some of the best cremation jewelry styles in the city that can best complement the ash coloring. You can contact the customer support team during working hours to get more information on the product or explore more possible style options.