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Choosing Keepsakes For Ashes Is A Good Idea Indeed!

Choosing Keepsakes For Ashes Is A Good Idea Indeed!

If you are finding it difficult to part with the last remains of your loved one, you can keep it forever with you. Wondering how? You can purchase keepsakes for ashes and put the cremains in those. You could preserve all the cremains in one container or choose multiple cremation urns. Keep the cremains in smaller urns in different corners of the house or share cremains with other relatives too.

Urns for scattering ashes

If you are eager to fulfill the last wish of the deceased relative to scatter his/her cremains in a plain or in the sea, choose urns carefully. Urns for scattering the cremains are somewhat different from that of the ones used as keepsakes. The urns for scattering are designed in such a manner so that the cremains flow out effortlessly. Moreover, the urns are also disposed of in the sea or in an area in the land itself. Thus, it is advisable that the material of the urns should be biodegradable. Choose a suitable area for scattering the cremains. Check whether there is any paperwork to be done or permission to be taken. Then, you should do the scattering of the cremains.

Burying the cremains

Many people plan to bury the cremains of their deceased relatives. They can choose wooden or biodegradable cremation urns for humans for the purpose. However, there are many people who want to keep the cremains intact even below the earth. In such a case, the urns need to be kept inside the vaults. These vaults are sturdy boxes inside which the cremation vessels are kept. These vaults keep the urns inside safe from external elements including the pressure of the earth on top.  These cremation burial vaults are made of durable plastic or metal. There are a few reputed online stores that sell these vaults along with the urns. However, be cautious about choosing the right size of the vault as it would store the entire cremation urn inside.

Keepsakes are kept as decoration

Beautifully decorated and carved keepsakes are often kept as decorations. You can keep the cremains in a wooden or a metal urn and keep it on a shelf in the bedroom or over the mantle of the living room. Not only it will enhance the look of the interiors, it will also act as a memorabilia of the person for the entire family.

There are also some people who choose to create beautiful jewelry from the cremains of their loved ones. These keepsake jewelry pieces are used for wearing on occasions. Earrings, rings, and necklaces are most popularly made from the cremains of the deceased persons.

Flying with the ashes

Many people like to travel with the cremains of their relatives. In such a case they should carry urns that could pass easily through the x-ray checkpoints. The contents of the urns should be clearly visible. Moreover, you should carry such an urn in the carry-along handbag. This will ensure that the urn is not lost accidentally or gets damaged in any way. If you intend to travel with the urn, make sure you are purchasing the urn from the section that is “airplane-safe”.

So, now you know that rather than full-body burial, choosing keepsake urns and preserving the cremains is a better choice. You will be able to keep the last remains of a person close to your heart forever. In the online store of Memorials4U, you should be able to find a lot of different types and sizes of cremation vessels. You can also choose a suitable vault for the urns if you choose to preserve the cremains in a burial or a columbarium. Share this post and let others know of the different options they could also have with keepsake urns.