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Common Questions That Arise While Choosing Cremation Jewelry

Common Questions That Arise While Choosing Cremation Jewelry

Nowadays, you can cope better with the loss of someone by keeping their cremains forever closer to you. You can have the emotional comfort of having the last remains of your loved ones closer to you in the form of cremation jewelry. These are basically cremation urns for humans that are made into different forms of jewelry like rings, pendants, and necklaces. Often a heart urn is made into a beautiful ring or a pendant after the cremains are put inside and the urn is closed tightly to prevent any leaks.

Are funeral urns for human ashes only for adults?

Cremation pendants are basically small urns that contain a portion of the entire ashes formed during cremation. Thus, you have to decide what to do with the remaining cremains. You may choose to buy a baby urn necklace for every member of your family   so that each one can keep a portion of the infant’s ashes to cope better with the grief. Urn jewelry is popular for pets as well. Many people find it hard to cope with the loss of their beloved dogs or cats and choose to keep the memories forever fresh as pet jewelry. They may choose pet urns for cats to hold the cremains of a cat who was cremated in a traditional manner. Pet urns for dog ashes are also quite popular among the pet lovers.

What is the size to choose and how much it holds?

When purchasing funeral urns for human ashes you must consider the internal volume of the urns. The amount of ashes an urn can hold depends entirely on the volume. The general rule of choosing an urn is ashes corresponding 1 pound of body weight per cubic inch of space inside. However, often for preserving the cremains of babies and infants, you may need 3 cubic inches per pound body weight. This is mainly because they have a higher bone density than adults. Similarly, tall people need larger cremation urns for burial. However, you do not always have to be too exact in choosing the size of the keepsake urns for human ashes. You may choose a couple of size larger than what is being calculated exactly.

Can you choose an urn as per your preferences?

Yes, at a reputed online store you can choose an urn as per your preferences, choices, and needs. If you are planning for burial of the cremains, you need to choose a biodegradable urn. Such an urn can even be used to plant and grow a biodegradable urn tree, which can act as a memorabilia of the departed person. You can even choose tea light urns for keeping the last remains of a god fearing person. If your departed relative loved any specific color, you can choose an urn in that color. For instance, if your mom loved purple, you can choose a purple urn for preserving her cremains. Moreover, cremation urn vaults are also available that can be used to preserve the entire funeral urns containing the ashes even after burial.  

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