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Cremation: An Inexpensive and Versatile Way to Honor Your Loved Ones in Many Unique Ways

Cremation: An Inexpensive and Versatile Way to Honor Your Loved Ones in Many Unique Ways

Over the years, the number of families choosing cremation over the traditional burial has increased significantly. The reason for this shift is that cremation is comparatively inexpensive and offers a broad range of unique ways to honor the memories of your loved one. Post-cremation, the cremated remains of the loved one can be safely stored in the urns for human ashes. If a family wants to make arrangements for funeral services or perform any other last rituals, then they don’t have to make arrangements readily on account of the body starting to decompose- which is the case with the traditional burial system.

Here are some other reasons that will convince you that cremation is the best versatile option to choose.

Cremation is an inexpensive process

The Cremation Association of North America said that the average cost of cremation is approximately $ 1,650. This cost includes only a few services with a simple urn. Moreover, this cost doesn’t include the cemetery plot. Not every family can afford to spend this much. Cremation, on the other hand, is a relatively inexpensive commemoration way that is versatile and a practical solution to choose. Even beautiful engraved urns are now available at affordable rates, so people need not worry about their tight budget when choosing cremation over the traditional burial. You can get affordable yet sturdy and exquisite urns at Memorials4u.

Get creative with the commemoration

Apart from the usual storing of cremated remains in wooden urns and others, cremation offers a host of other unique ways of commemoration. The cremated remains can be either buried, immersed in the sea water, scattered on the holy ground, used along with a seedling while planting a tree at your background, and much more. A little portion of remains can also be kept in stylish jewelry for ashes. It will make sure that you always carry their memories with you, and even feel their presence throughout. These are just a few options. You can try some ways too.

Pay a memorable and honorable tribute

The families can pay a unique and respectful tribute to their loved one through cremation. Several themed urns are available that take the commemoration to a meaningful and emotional level. You can preserve the remains in beautiful angel urns as they symbolize the angels carefully protecting and embracing the departed soul. The urns can also be customized according to the family’s preference.

Not only is cremation inexpensive, but it is environment-friendly too. The families can either bury the entire remains, preserve a little portion in their house, place the urn in a columbarium, and choose any other way that they deem fit. Quality and affordable wooden urns, cremation jewelry, and other cremation vessels are available at Memorials4u, a trusted online store. Choose the best urn within your budget, and safely preserve the remains in the vessel. Cremation will help you to honor the memories of your loved one in the best possible way.