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Cremation Urns for Humans – A Guide to Choosing the Best One for Your Deceased Relatives

Cremation Urns for Humans – A Guide to Choosing the Best One for Your Deceased Relatives

Do you want your loved ones to be around you forever? Well, humans are mortal and you may have to bear the pain of separation by death. But there is a way you can keep them close to your heart and keep their remains before your eyes. Haven’t you heard of cremation urns for humans? These are special containers or boxes, which hold and preserve the remains or ashes after the cremation of the body. You can definitely buy beautifully carved wooden cremation urns or choose solid metallic boxes - there are a plethora of choices. When choosing adult cremation urns for keeping the last remains of your loved one, here is a list of guidelines that you must follow:

Best materials for cremation urns

These cremation urns for humans come in a variety of materials – wood, alloy, metal, and stone. Look for online sellers that have a beautiful collection of carved wooden urns for human ashes. You may also choose metal, ceramic, or alloy urns. Considerations for choosing the material depend largely on the purpose. Asking these questions will help you to narrow down your choice further:

  • Do you want to keep the urn as a memorial of the deceased person or recycle it?
  • Is it intended for burying in the ground or throwing in the water for natural degradation?
  • Will you carry the urn somewhere to scatter the ashes and complete the last rituals?
  • Do you have to travel long distance with the urn?

All these will determine the material you choose. Decide the weight, size, and the design of the urn wisely.

What are the purposes of the cremation urns?

Adult cremation urns are important parts of funeral ceremonies. The ashes or the remains of the cremated person is taken into these urns and are buried in the soil, scattered, or kept as memorials. Yes, beautifully carved urns filled with your loved ones remains can be kept for a display in your home. In this way, you are keeping your relatives closer to you while adding a beautiful decorative piece to your home. In fact, there are small urns or boxes in which you can share small portions of the ashes with other relatives too.

Ask others while choosing cremation urns

You can take your relative’s last remains and travel to the sea to scatter the ashes. If your loved one had the last wish of his/her ashes being blown to the sea, fulfill it. Take the ashes in a delicate, yet elegant urn and take it along. You can also choose a cremation urn according to the choice and preference of the deceased person.

Wooden urns for human ashes are specially bought for those who loved intricate designs and carvings. You can also choose alloy urns or metal boxes for keeping someone’s remains. Comment on the materials, sizes, as well as the shapes of the cremation urns you have planned to purchase. Why don’t you share this blog post with your relatives and friends? Choosing an urn for a family member together will have a great emotional value for all. Let them know the options available. Which is your final choice for a cremation urn for your family member? Do share with everyone through comments.