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Cremation Urns – Having So Many Options Is Confusing

Cremation Urns – Having So Many Options Is Confusing

If you are planning the cremation of a person, one of the most important things that you need to consider is the purchase of cremation urns. If you do not purchase the urns on time, you will be in trouble. You will need an urn to preserve the ashes immediately after the cremation process is over. Even though many funeral homes and crematoriums offer temporary urns for carrying the ashes, you need to purchase urns immediately for long-term preservation of the cremains. It is always better to purchase urns in advance as the last minute hurry may not be good to make an appropriate choice. Death is inevitable and that is probably why many individuals are choosing their own urns which they want to make their final resting place. So, if possible, get an urn for yourself or your aged family members well in advance. But the market is full of options. There are different shapes, sizes, materials, and varieties of urns for ashes available in the market. Sometimes, it gets really confusing to choose one among so many. Give below is a guide to help you choose better...

Choosing urn based on purpose

For burial: If you plan to bury the ashes after the cremation, you will need to choose a biodegradable wood urn. Such an urn can also be placed in a columbarium or a crematorium and can be visited often. For burial, you may choose low-cost, less decorative urns. However, there are expensive wooden urns with intricate carvings and designs, which can be kept as a decorative item in the home.

The material for the urn: If you are planning to purchase discount cremation urns you must shop around and look for a store that offers low-cost options. Generally, the metal urns are costly as compared to the wooden or less decorative ones. There are different types of materials used for the creation of these urns – wood, ceramic, stone, metals, alloys, and sometimes even paper. You should consider the designs on the urns you are choosing and also the purpose. If you are planning long-term preservation of the ashes, purchase urns, that are made of metals and alloys. Glass and porcelain, and ceramic are brittle and can get damaged easily. Moreover, the biodegradable urns are better for burial and scattering of the cremains.

Style of urns: To make a necklace for ashes you need to choose urns of specific style and designs. In addition to jewelry, specially designed urns could turn into a showpiece for the mantle, can be kept as a keepsake decoration on the bedside table or on the shelf. You can even choose urns that reflect on the interests and personalities of the person. For instance, you can purchase sports urn for the person who loved sports or was a sportsperson himself.

If you are finding it difficult to choose the right urn for your relative, ask a close relative for a suggestion. He/she will be able to help you decide on which urn to purchase. Involving the family members in purchasing urns for cremains is a memorable event and is a much-cherished affair. To help everyone understand what to choose and what are the available options, share this post. From this post, they will get a basic idea regarding choosing an urn for cremated ashes.