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Dealing with the Identification Problem During a Cremation

Dealing with the Identification Problem During a Cremation

Though the cremation rate in the United States has reached nearly 50%, yet a number of families are apprehensive going ahead with the said process. There are many people who are yet not clear on the concept of cremation and a lot of questions continue to haunt them. Cremation is just not about preserving the remains in beautiful urns for human ashes, it is much more than that. Families who are opting for cremation for the first time are skeptic of the identification process during a cremation. They want assurance that the remains being handed over by the crematory in a burial vault or any other cremation vessel is of their loved ones only and not of any other deceased person.

Get your queries resolved from the concerned authorities

It is completely fine if you don’t know every single detail related to cremation and the best way to find it out is by simply asking for it upfront from the relevant individuals. If you are concerned about the identification process then ask the funeral director about the entire cremation identification process in detail. You can also ask other questions like whether they offer adult urns or not, but the foremost questions should be the ones that you are most concerned about. If the funeral director fails to give you a satisfactory response, then you should start searching for another funeral house that is authorized and can provide you will all the required answers. Some can also offer you beautiful funeral urns for ashes to save your time for getting the same.

Ask relevant questions before starting the cremation process  

All the funeral houses are well-aware of the fact that families go through a painstaking situation after losing a loved one and they might be having a lot of queries that require being resolved before going ahead with the final cremation process. You can ask as many questions as you want till you are not satisfied. Questions like “how can I assure myself that the cremated remains you handed over are of my loved one only?”, “If you don’t allow me to view the cremation, how will I know that it is my loved one that you are cremating?” can be asked to remove all the doubts. Once your doubts get cleared, you can ask them to hand over the remains in beautiful wooden urn box, if they have one.

Look out for two identification processes

Most of the authorized crematories follow two ways to have a more organized cremation identification process, so make sure you look for them in a crematory. Firstly, they engrave the name of the person to be cremated on memorial urns as provided by the family to facilitate proper identification. Secondly, a metal disc or any other thing used by the crematory having the deceased’s name on it is returned to the family for easy identification. You can hand them your purchased keepsake urns for ashes for pouring the remains after cremation. Memorials4u is a reliable name you can consider for getting beautiful and sturdy urns like stone urns and different others at reasonable prices.

Almost all the crematories exercise due diligence before performing cremation owing to the strict cremation laws prevalent in the country, so you need not worry much. Just reach out to authorized crematories and they will take care of the rest. You just need to get the perfect urn boxes for ashes for respectfully preserving the remains. Memorials4u is one name you can always rely on for getting quality cremation urns like angel urns for ashes and others along with cremation accessories and jewelry at affordable rates. If you liked the content, then do share it with your loved ones.