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Do You Really Need Vaults For Urns For Human Ashes?

Do You Really Need Vaults For Urns For Human Ashes?

After the demise of a loved one, if you have chosen to cremate, there are two things you can do with his/her ashes – either you bury the ashes in a crematorium or keep the ashes in decorative urns for human ashes. When choosing cremation urns for keeping as a decorative item in your home, you must carefully choose the materials, the designs, and the sizes. However, it is equally important to choose a vault for burial carefully.

Buying urns for burial

If you are planning to bury the cremains of your loved one, you must know that most of the crematoriums will require you to put the urns inside cremation vaults. The vaults are mostly made of non-biodegradable materials like stone, ABS plastic, marble, or metals. The main focus of using vaults for burying the cremation urns for human ashes is that the robust vaults will protect the urns and its contents from the degrading elements of nature. The design of the vaults and the materials used for their construction helps the vaults to resist any kind of exterior forces. The cremation vessel will not concave over time if there is a vault protecting it. Moreover, the urn is also protected from damages due to shifting soil, moisture, and other factors. Sometimes, there is heavy maintenance equipment used in a crematorium, which causes damages to the urns if those are not kept inside robust vaults.

Choosing vaults for burial

Now that you know the use of cremation vaults for the burial of the cremains of a person, you must be looking for suitable burial vaults. But what should you look for while choosing such protective containers? Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Make sure that the cremation urns for human ashes you are choosing, are of a durable material. ABS plastic, metals, and marble are some of the strong and durable materials with which cremation urns are made of. Remember, the urns containing the ashes are going to remain there for centuries and therefore, you should be careful in choosing the materials.
  • Check the closure mechanism of the vaults that you are choosing. The vault you choose should close tightly so that it does not allow any external factor to destroy the urn or its contents inside. If possible, wrap extra role of tape or adhesive to ensure that the vault is sealed properly to keep away external factors.
  • Look for a reputed store to purchase these keepsake urns for human ashes. From a reputed store for cremation vessels, you will definitely find a good quality urn for preserving or burying the ashes of your loved one. You must research well before choosing a store for making such purchases. Look for a store that sells good quality cremation urns for human ashes as well as vaults for preserving those urns. By purchasing urns and vaults together you could avail some discounts.
  • While choosing both urns as well as vaults for cremains you must consider the size carefully. Consider whether you need to put the entire cremains of a person inside an urn. Moreover, choose the size of the vault so that the urn containing the cremains fits in properly and the vault could be sealed appropriately.
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