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FAQs about Funeral Urns

FAQs about Funeral Urns

Losing someone you love forever is a painful situation. Arranging for the funeral is a painstaking task that all have to partake at some point in time; and, it is tough! When arranging for a funeral, there are so many questions that remain unanswered and certain tasks are accomplished without getting proper answers. This often led to bad choices, for instance, choosing keepsake cremation urns. If you are not aware of the purpose of such urns and how these could be used as a memorabilia of the person, you’d definitely make a wrong choice in choosing one. Moreover, you might even end up spending a lot of money without knowing that you could have made a better choice at a price less than that. Do you know what urn necklaces are? Questions like this are many and perplexing to a person arranging for a funeral. Here is a list of questions that are commonly asked while choosing cremation urns:

What are urns for cremains?

These are keepsakes which hold a part or entire cremains of the person. Not just sizes, but cremation urns are available in the market in a variety of materials too. Wood, stone, marble, glass, ceramic, metals, and alloys are some of the commonest materials with which the cremation urns are made from. There are different sizes available and you can choose one as per your preference.

How to determine the size and the material?

If you visit a reputed online store for cremation urns, you’d see that there are different kinds of materials with which these urns are made of. Moreover, there are different sizes too. Wondering what to choose? The answer is simple – choose the material for the urn according to your plan for the funeral. Sports cremation urns and other theme based urns are special containers to commemorate a person. If you are planning to bury or scatter the ashes choose biodegradable materials for the urn. In case you are planning to decorate the mantle or the shelf with the urn, choose an urn that is made of metal or alloy. Beautifully carved out wooden and stone urns are also appropriate choices for an urn.

When considering the size, you must consider both the exterior size and the capacity of the urns. Typically, the capacity of an urn is measured in cubic inches. To determine the size of the urn you should choose, you need to consider the weight of the person. For each pound weigh, you will need a cubic inch of space inside the container for the cremains. So, for a person of 200 lbs, you should choose a container of 200 cubic inches. However, the companion urns are larger and urns for pets are smaller in sizes.

Who puts the cremains?

When you place an order online for an urn, you will be delivered that on time. However, who will put the ashes into the urn? The funeral home you choose will deliver the cremains in a temporary urn or in a plastic bag. You can always bring the cremains back home and transfer it yourself to the new urn you bought. If you are not comfortable, you can ask the funeral home to do it for you. If you are planning to do it yourself, make sure you do not spill or waste the contents of the urn.

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