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From Buying Cremation Boxes to Scattering Ashes – Making Plans for Cremation

From Buying Cremation Boxes to Scattering Ashes – Making Plans for Cremation

If you have chosen cremation as the last rites of your family member, you must remember that a lot of formalities and rituals come along to be performed. One of the primary responsibilities of the family members remains choosing suitable cremation boxes. Such boxes, often referred to as urns, are bought depending on what the family decides to do with the cremains – interred in a columbarium niche, buried in a crematorium, kept as a keepsake, or scattered.

Funeral procedures

Deciding to keep the cremains in urns for ashes for adults does not interfere with the funeral customs. The family can opt for a traditional funeral before or after the cremation process and a memorial service at a later date. The cremains are handed over by the crematorium to the immediate family members of the deceased. Now, it is for the family members to decide what they would like to scatter the cremains or bury the ashes.

Cremation products that you need to purchase

You mainly need to purchase cremation boxes for ashes. However, this again depends on the plan of the family members to dispose of the cremains. Do you like to scatter the cremains or grow a memorial tree? The choice is yours, and you must buy containers accordingly. Here is a short guideline:

  • Are you planning to bury the ashes, following traditional funeral rites in a crematorium? In that case you’d need to ask the crematorium whether you need cremation urn vaults. These vaults are specialized boxes that can hold the entire cremation boxes along with the cremains. When placed in the soil, these vessels protect the urns from the pressure of the earth above and other environmental elements. Thus, the cremains remain intact for eternity.
  • A wooden urn box containing seeds of a tree is often placed into the soil. It gradually grows into a memorial tree and reminds the family of the departed person forever. A wooden urn is biodegradable and thus disintegrates into the soil with time, thereby allowing the roots of the tree to spread and flourish.
  •  A biodegradable urn designed especially for scattering the cremains could be bought as well. Such an urn could be used for disposing of the cremains into any specific piece of land or into the sea. These urns are specially designed so that the cremains could easily flow out.
  • If you are planning to preserve the entire cremains of a person you’d need extra large cremation urns. These are the vessels used for holding a large quantity of ashes, especially of an overweight adult. You can find such urns only in reputed online stores like Memorials4U.
  • Intricately carved and designed metal cremation urns available in Memorials4U are truly beautiful and are perfect as keepsakes or decorative pieces for home. You can choose to keep such urns on the mantle or on a corner shelf. Decorate the area with artifacts that remind you of the departed person.
  • Not just metal urns, there are ceramic urns, stone urns for cremated remains, and urns of different types of materials. All these urns can be used to preserve the cremains forever in the house or in a columbarium for everyone to see.
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