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Funeral Urns – Things You Still Don’t Know

Funeral Urns – Things You Still Don’t Know

Have you recently heard of funeral urns? Even though it is new to you, the concept of preserving the cremains of departed relatives is not anything recent. In fact, such urns containing cremains have been found in archaeological findings of past ages. The concept has recently revived and there are many people across the world embracing the concept and preserving the cremains of their departed relatives in those vessels.

You can also keep the cremains of your dead relatives in urns. Large cremation urns from an online store like Memorials4U can be used for preserving the entire cremains of departed persons. However, you can also preserve a part of the cremains and dispose of the rest by scattering into the sea or burying the ashes in a cemetery. There are many options you can have with these vessels. Keeping the cremains of your loved ones close to your heart forever has never been easier!

A cremation urn is much more than a simple container

When people are buying purple cremation urns from an online store like Memorials4U there is much thought that goes into it. People often choose urns based on the hobbies or interests of a person. Moreover, pictures and quotes are often engraved into the urns to make those into memorabilia of the departed persons. Specific colors also remind the family members of someone special of their family. Thus, these are the vessels that carry memories and help keep the departed relatives in the heart of the family members forever.

You don’t have to purchase urns from funeral homes

The funeral home will hand-over the cremains of a person to his/her relatives in temporary packets or vessels. You may or may not purchase cremation boxes from the funeral home. It is advisable that you should buy large or small cremation urns for ashes from exclusive online stores. Such stores offer competitive prices for such items. Thus, you should be able to save some money as well while getting an opportunity to choose from varied designs.

The external size of the containers does not matter

Do not buy urns based on their external dimensions. You should always consider the capacity of the urns while purchasing. Small urns may not contain the desired amount of ashes and yet look bigger on the outside. So, before purchasing always check how much the urn can hold.

Remember, the capacity of cremation boxes for human ashes is measured in cubic inches. The standard size of a vessel for containing the cremains of a person of approximately 200 lbs is 200 cubic inches on the inside. You should however, consider the purpose and use of the vessels before investing.

Situations when exterior measurements matter

If you are planning to bury the cremains, you may need to know the external dimensions of the wooden urns for human ashes that you are planning to choose. This is mainly because you will have to purchase vaults for putting the ash containers. These vaults containing the cremation urns are then lowered into the soil for a traditional burial.

If you are choosing a biodegradable urn for water burial, you should choose whether the urn has been designed specifically to allow easy flow of the cremains. Pouring out cremains from the vessel should not be an annoying task.

So, the next time you are planning to invest in a heart keepsake urn for your loved one, remember, there are many more options that you can try at the online store of Memorials4U. Share this post, so that others might know about the unknown facts about urns as well .