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Giving Cremation Urn A Place In Your Home

Giving Cremation Urn A Place In Your Home

Keeping the loved one’s remains securely in one’s house is something that many families prefer doing. According to them, it gives them a feeling that their loved one is still around them in their house. Several urns for human ashes are available in the online and offline markets that are exclusively designed to be kept at home. Looks, sturdiness, material used, and affordability are the main things that people look while purchasing urns for ashes. However, if you plan to keep the urn in your home, then you should consider some additional things as well.

Baseball Cremation Urn

Where to display the urn?

This question may receive different responses from different people. There are many places in the house where one can safely keep the cremation urn, but the decision is not that simple. The urns are beautifully designed with ornate patterns and bold colors, so some people may want to place it at the center of the house where it is visible to everyone; while others may consider keeping it at a discrete place to respect the privacy and emotions. Some common places where most of the family members have kept the urn are:

  • On the mantelpiece
  • A niche
  • A corner shelf
  • Within a glass cabinet

If you are not comfortable keeping the urn in any of them places mentioned above, then you can add a different option to the list. You can also buy a beautiful urn from Memorials4u if you haven’t purchased it yet.

Have children or pets in the house?

If you have either children or pets in the house, then it goes without saying that durable funeral urns for adults should be purchased for safety concerns. Children and pets have a habit of breaking things around, but you cannot afford an urn to be broken that carries the remains of a loved one. Irrespective of the urn placement, material should be focused more. Urns made of metal, brass or wood can be considered in this case. These urns are high in demand for their durable nature and strong make. Even if these urns are accidentally dropped on the floor, they won’t break. So you can rest assured of the fact that the ashes will forever be preserved safely in those urns.

Cremation Urns for Human Ashes


Whether you’re on an outlook of a baby urn or custom burial urn for ashes, you can find the desired urn easily in the market. However, make sure you create a checklist first; else the large range of options can baffle you with the choices. Memorials4u is a provider of the quality urn for human ashes that maintains both affordability and quality simultaneously. So getting a durable urn from this place will be a safe option.